Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana Bread Beer 


Brewed by Charles Wells Brewery Limited
Style: Banana Bread Flavoured Fruit Beer
Bedford, England 

Wells Banana Bread BeerCharles Wells Brewery was founded by Mr.Charles Wells in Bedford, in the east of England. A family brewery dating back to 1876, and now incorporating the brand Wells & Young, with a history of brewing distinctive beers, from the well-loved Bombardier, Young’s, Courage and McEwan’s ranges through to their quirky brews such as Banana Bread Beer and Double Chocolate Stout. They also run a chain of successful pubs, 200 and counting…..

Review: Bottle of Wells Banana Bread Beer: ABV: 5.2%

Wells Banana Bread BeerThis unique brew combines all the traditional ale recipes of the brewery with the subtle flavour of ‘Fair trade’ bananas, creating an intriguing and flavorsome pint.  In 2002 the banana bread beer was awarded “Beer of the Festival”  at CAMRA’s London Drinker Festival

On pour got a very fizzy drink, a lot of carbonation. When it settled down a decent sized frothy head appeared, looked decent.  Head looks good, nice and creamy looking.

Head does die a little and there is some slight lacing.

The colour was dark amber, with a tint of red, and overall the beer looks the part…..

The aroma is of…..well, bananas!

Lovely clear, fruity smell, gorgeous, and I dont even like bananas, ha ha!  Strong but not overpowering, very pleasant and very tempting.

Smells of banana bread, with a hint of toffee……

Taste: Well it does exactly what it says on the tin, its all banana

Wells Banana Bread BeerA beer with banana, tastes like beer with banana! But its lovely, very smooth, doesn’t taste a lot like beer at all. Very sweet, but still smooth enough to drink. A bit of caramel noted as well.

At first I thought the alcohol content of 5.2% wasn’t apparent, but I think it does kick in near the end.

Everyone in the house had a try, went down a storm, all liked it.

There is a slight hoppy aftertaste that is a bit urgh, and it could do with more body, but overall very smooth. It is different, so hats off to the brewers for trying something new, refreshing and all good. I am not sure you could down a lot of these in a session, but definitely would be great to sip on a hot day. Recommended, and looking forward to trying this beer out again soon.

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