Unser Bier Naturblond

Unser Bier Naturblond

Unser Bier Naturblond 


Brewed by Unser Bier AG
Style: Blonde Ale 
Basel, Switzerland

Unser Bier is a small local brewery in Basel, Switzerland.

From humble origins in 1998, home brewers coming together, to now where the brewery is the biggest in the city of Basel. Unser has come a long way. In no small part to its unique shareholding venture where thousands across the city own a piece of the brewery, no doubt making it very popular amongst the natives, shown in its slogan “Beer from here instead of beer from there”. or “Unser Bier” (It’s our beer)

Unser Bier Naturblond The brewery now boasts over 8,500 proud shareholders and the beer continues to grow in popularity. But they dont issue dividends. The reward for investing in the company is beer, and lots of it, shared out at the general assembly where over a 1000 people celebrate the success of the company by drinking, partying and a little bit of boardroom management. 

The brewery also offers beer lovers the chance to make their own brew, and share in the experience of beer production. 

Unser Bier produce five different beers and occasional specials: A popular Amber Beer, a simple lager, a wheat beer (Weizen), a pale ale (Natur Blond) and a dark porter style beer (Schwarz Bier), as well as a number of specialty and seasonal beers such as a Christmas beer and the “Meister” beer, produced when the local football team FC Basel win the national championship, which seems to be a yearly thing at the moment. They are also big into the environment, where some of their beers are produced without pesticides and herbicides and using organic raw materials and in an eco friendly way. 

Review: 33cl bottle of Unser Bier Naturblond: ABV: 5%

Unser Bier Naturblond Fantastic looking bottles, pretty ladies always catching the eye.

On pour I get a very nice looking yellow colour and a big frothy white head which settles nicely. A good bit of carbonation making it all look pretty good.

Very strong on the nose, I get a strong fruity aroma which is very enticing, very nice and sweet. Also some malts present in the smell.

Unser Bier Naturblond On taste
It is a slow burning beer, more fun to relax and enjoy the tastes of the fruit and sweet malts, not a session beer anyway.
Very tasty, nice pleasant mouthfuls, a very filling beer.

I find it very hoppy, possibly a bit too hoppy, but is manageable. 
Ok, nice and tasty, good enough beer, not bad, not terribly complex, but nice all the same.

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