Ueli Bier Reverenz

Ueli Bier Reverenz, a real David versus Goliath success.

Ueli Bier Reverenz


Brewed by Brauerei Fishcerstube
Style: Naturtrüb/Helles 
Basel, Switzerland

The brewery Fischerstube AG is a Swiss brewery with its headquarters in Basel, a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. It produces beer under the brand name “Ueli beer”.

Ueli Bier ReverenzThe brewery Fischerstube was opened in 1974 as an act of defiance, a protest against the cartel of the large local breweries and their protectionism racket. Hans Jakob Nidecker was not allowed to sell a particular beer he wanted, a local Warteck beer brewed almost around the corner. Instead he was told to sell Anker beer, a beer outside the city. Sick of this he decided to brew his own beer and founded the brewery Fischerstube. He had a small brewery set up by a German brewer at the back of the Fischerstube, so customers in his bar could directly peek into the brewery up the back and on November the 13’th, 1974, the first Ueli beer was tapped. Great, if you cant beat them join them in brewing your own beer, love it!. It was a brave thing to do as at that time many small breweries were closing and larger breweries were gobbling up the market. People were saying that Han’s pet project was never going to take off. But the beer was well received and the business paid off, and what started off as a small protest has today become a mini success story, a real David versus Goliath victory.

In 1992, the brewery took over the neighboring house on Rheingasse 43 with the restaurant Linde, which has since been run as the second brewery restaurant. At the same time, the production facility was expanded and between the two locations, a 127 meter long underground beer pipeline was laid.

Ueli Bier ReverenzToday, the brewery sells a wide variety of beers and also does a good trade in seasonal and iconic brews. They have taken on some interesting brews with an eye on what is happening in the local area. When the Basel Antiquity Museum had a Tutankhamun exhibition in 2004, this inspired the brewery to bring out The Tut-Anch-Ueli, brewed according to an ancient Egyptian recipe of barley malt, emmer, hops and dates and found ripping heel. They did likewise when Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso had exhibitions in the local art gallery. For Van Gogh they actually had a sunflower flavoured beer in their Van Ueli beer, while for Ueli Beer Pablo they brewed a powerful beer with Absinthe, as “Powerful as a work by Picasso”.  And for the annual Basel carnival, they have their own specially themed Bock beer, and they also produce a Christmas beer in the run upto to the end of year festivities. In total, more than 50 such specialty beers have been brewed, each available for a specific occasion or seasonally, there really is no occasion without a Ueli beer at hand!

Review: 50 cl. Can of Ueli Bier Reverenz: ABV: 5% vol

Ueli Bier ReverenzOn pour nice get a frothy head, with a lovely looking light yellow coloured beer, looks good.

Very light and clear yellow, and a very good frothy white head, looks good.

Some good lacing.

The aroma is quite piercing, but nice, get a very berry smell. Citrus, malts and the yeast. Not bad. 

On taste, get nice big mouthfuls, a light beer but nice and tasty.
Very nice and very smooth and very easy to drink, and you get a lot in the can.
Malty, has a nice taste of grain and wheat, biscuit or bready flavours, very nice taste.
All in the front taste, no bitterness or hoppy taste, very refreshing.
Like it, recommended, found it very nice and definitely one to saviour especially the long full bodied taste.

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