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Zürich, Swiss football away days 5.

My next Swiss football trip brought me to the city of Zürich in the canton of Zürich…..

Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland with just over 400,000 people, is located in the centre of Switzerland on the northwestern shore of Lake Zürich. The city stretches on both sides of the River Limmat, which flows out from the Lake.

A German speaking city, Zürich was founded by the Romans in 15 BC. However, early settlements have been found dating back more than 6400 years ago. The Romans founded the city as a tax collecting point for goods trafficked on the Limmat river. 

Zurich is a city that always rates very highly in “Quality of Life Surveys” carried out here and there by various agencies. With its wealth, general safety, cleanliness, and a wide selection of interesting sights and places to visit, top class universities, fiscally attractive with a lowish tax base: yes it is certainly a lovely city to visit, and even to settle down in. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysThe city also has a rich cultural tradition with many high-quality museums and art galleries, but for someone who is into more modern pursuits, the city holds one of the largest and most popular dance music festivals in the world, a techno “street parade” around August every year that attracts about a million ravers and the like dancing alongside the lake Zurich. 

Zürich is a major hub for railways, roads, and air traffic for Switzerland and for Europe. Both Zürich Airport and railway station are the largest and busiest in the country, and the city has an extensive local train, bus and city wide tram network. The network also includes boats on the lake and river, funicular railways and even a cable car between Adliswil and Felsenegg. Zürich train station is the world’s most frequently served railway station, with 2915 trains every day, and has high speed trains coming from France, Germany and Austria passing through, and it is also directly connected with Zürich Airport which is less than 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) away. 

I like Zürich, its a lovely city, looking very nice at night, people mulling about, a good atmosphere in the city air. The old town looks great, albeit a bit too posh and stylish for me but a nice city to walk around all the same.

Oh by the way, before I forget The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), otherwise known as the corrupt bastards running, our ruining, the beautiful game, have their headquarters in the city!

Pub watch 

Kennedy’s Irish Pub

Address: Freischuetzgasse 14, Zurich 8004



Zürich, Swiss football away daysA large Irish pub not too far off from the train station. Was my first stop of the day, and ventured in to the quiet bar with a small midday crowd. 

Have a good selection of Irish and English beers so went with my old favourite Smithwicks as I was curious to see how it travels. Friendly bar lady pulled a good pint that tasted perfectly fine. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysWas in this bar before, so it can get very busy and lively on a weekend night. It is a fun place to be for sure, but the prices of the beers are something to behold. Not going to be doing a large drinking session in a bar like this unless you are very flush with the cash! But this is Zurich one of the most expensive cities in Europe so its par for the course here. 

Its a good place to meet mates for a few pints and to watch a game on the box, as they cater for the football barstoolers. Can also get good food here as they serve meals all day long, apparently they do a Guinness pie which sounds very interesting! They also on occasion have good live Irish music on show. So it ticks all the boxes for a decent Irish boozer…….

Whilst the exterior could look a bit better, its a little dull, the interior of the bar is inviting and in a traditional Irish style, all wooden floors with many knick knacks dotted around the place. It is very big inside, has a nice relaxed ambiance, and was not a bad place to have the first pint of the day. 

Strauss bar (Hürlimann) 

Address: Langstrasse 132
8004 Zurich


Zürich, Swiss football away daysThe Strauss bar is a small dive bar located on the crossing of the Langstrasse. Looked like an interesting place so I ventured in. 

Had a few customers for what was still early in the day, in a nicely lit bar where probably not too many outsiders frequent.

Zürich, Swiss football away daysI ordered a pint of Hürlimann. I actually thought the bar was called Hürlimann since they had it in big lettering over the front of the bar’s entrance, but no it is in fact a local lager. The first thing I noticed was the huge price differential compared to the Smithwicks I had just up at Kennedy’s Irish Pub. The beer I ordered was virtually half the price!

Was a nice quiet bar to sit down and relax in, the service was friendly, and the pint was fine. I liked this bar, a bit rough and ready, not pretentious and looked like a place where the locals hang out.  Especially when you compare to some of the hipstery wanker pubs I had passed in the old town of Zurich, jeez!! This place was good. Recommended. 


Oliver Twist Pub (Mr. Pickwick Pub)

Address: Rindermarkt 6
8001 Zürich



Zürich, Swiss football away daysFinal pub before I got the train home. Decided to head to this bar as I was told it is infact the oldest bar in the city. Located in the Old Town with its nice cobbled streets. 

A little disappointed to see it was another Mr. Pickwick pub, a chain here in Switzerland, as I was hoping for something a little more authentic, but to be fair Pickwick pubs are decent bars. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysHas the usual look of the chain, wooden interior, nice and comfy setting, English beer on tap, British food on the menu, darts to play, the Premiership on the box, and an English style setting. 

There was a decent enough atmosphere in the bar. I was at the front bar which is a bit small, but they had more room out the back which seemed to be busy. 

I always get excited when I see Fullers on tap, so I ordered that. As I was at the bar I was a little worried at the way it was pulled, too fast and not with much care. So of course I got a pint with no head that tasted rotten. What a pity. The two bar workers who were there at the time both looked quite young as well, very young, they looked like they were on some job experience scheme. I do hope they learn how to pull a good pint in the future. Service fine and friendly but the beer was a downer. Sorry to say. 


FC Red Star Zürich 

Zürich, Swiss football away days

Arena/Stadium: Sportplatz Allmend Brunau

Location: Allmendstrasse 10, 8002 Zürich

Capacity: 2,000

Manager: Gargiulo, Giovanni

Founded: 1905

League: 1. Liga Classic 

Club home page 



Had the opportunity to do two games in Zurich, so when an opportunity presents itself like that you’d be a fool to pass it. Red Star sounded like a good team to see, and with kick off at 4, it gave me plenty of time to see Grasshoppers at 7 in the evening, a quick turnaround but nothing to worry as the transport in Switzerland is always reliable. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysPlaying in green, white and red, Red Star are a small club based in Zurich, playing in the 1. Liga Classic, the fourth tier of the Swiss football league system. Founded in 1905 by Charles Seiler and Alfred Merk. The idea for the name they found in a newspaper article of that time, which reported on the steamship line “Red Star Line”, and nothing to do with communist ideology or socialist principles, they were in fact originally attached to the local Catholic youth club, later becoming an independent club. 

Although independent, they still keep some of their old catholic ethos, in that there is a clear view on developing youth football in the club. Over 300 young people play in various teams of all ages, who participate in regional and national championships with their teams. With over 20 top rate coaches, the technical and athletic education of all players are well looked after and fairness, camaraderie and teamwork are promoted. This has resulted in many youth trophies for the team.

As for the first team, there best achievement was reaching the last 4 of Switzerland, getting to the cup semi’s in the Swiss Cup in the season 1998/1999, going out to Grasshoppers 7-0!

To the game

FC Red Star Zürich 0 – 0 Mendrisio 

04.11.2017  • Sportplatz Allmend Brunau, Zürich

Attendance: 510

Zürich, Swiss football away daysEven though the game was nil all, it was pretty entertaining. Both teams had chances to score, and the level of quality on show wasn’t too bad. 

Decent sized crowd at the game, with Mendrisio bringing a few noisy supporters up for the game. 

Had a burger and a beer, and fuck me the burger was fantastic, one of the best I have had in a long, long time. Excellent. 

Grasshopper Club Zürich

Zürich, Swiss football away days

Arena/Stadium: Letzigrund

Location: Badenerstrasse 500, 8048 Zurich

Capacity: 26,104

Manager: Murat Yakin

Founded: 1886

League: Swiss Super League

Club home page 




Grasshopper Club Zürich commonly referred to as simply GC, GCZ, or Grasshoppers is a football club based in Zürich.

It is the most successful club in Swiss football,  27 championship titles and 19 Swiss Cups. But they haven’t had much recent success as the last title was in the 2002–03 season, and the cup was last won in 2013. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysGrasshoppers were founded on the 1st of September 1886 by Tom E. Griffith, an English student, who set up a team made up mostly of a group of students who were originally from Manchester and were studying in Zurich at the time.

Where they got that crazy name “Grasshoppers” is not exactly known but some have said it was due to early players crazy celebrations and there lightning speed on the field of play. 

By 1905 they had won the Swiss championships four times, their first in the 1897–98 season in the very first Swiss Championship. After withdrawing from the league for a number of years owing to not having a ground, their next championship title took a while to come, in 1921. But with top Hungarian manager Izidor “Dori” Kürschner, Grasshoppers won the championship three times (in 1927,1928 and 1931) and also the the Swiss Cup in 1926, 1927, 1932 and 1934.  

More success came, when Austrian coach Karl Rappan took over the team. Under his tutelage more Swiss Championships came, in 1937, 1939, 1942, 1943 and 1945.  They also won the Swiss Cup in 1937,1938, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1946. This was the golden era for the team, with Rappen’s 12 titles and cups some achievement that probably will never be beaten by any manager in Switzerland, ever!

Zürich, Swiss football away daysIn the 1950’s they won two more league titles and two more cups, but the 1956 win in the Swiss Championship was to be their last silverware for quite a while, 15 years in fact, winning nothing in the ’60s. The long wait was over in 1971 when they beat FC Basel in the last game of the championship, in extra time, to clinch their 16th title.  The 17th came in 1978. 

The ’80s were good to the club. In the years 1982, 1983 and 1984, Grasshoppers won the championship three times in a row, and winning the cup in 1983, 1988, 1989 and 1990. Legendary German manager Ottmar Hitzfeld at the helm for those last two cup wins. A notable success in European competitions came in the 1980–81 season when in the UEFA Cup Grasshoppers reached the quarter-finals, but were eliminated narrowly by French side Sochaux.

As for other European competition success, they did memorably defeat the mighty Real Madrid 2-0 at home, and thus knocking them out of the European Cup in the 1978–79 season, and were eventually knocked out in the last eight by eventual winners Nottingham Forest . But their best European adventure was in the 1977–78 UEFA Cup where after overcoming four knockout rounds they reached the semi-final against French side Bastia. After a 3–2 win at home, they traveled to Corsica for the second leg but unluckily lost 0–1 and were thus eliminated on away goals. I doubt they will ever come so close to a European final again. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysThe 90’s were good times too, winning the league five times in the decade which wasn’t a bad achievement, and the cup twice. But just the two titles the decade after, in the 2000/01 and 2002/03 season, 2003 proving to be their last Championship. Apart from a Cup win in 2013 , which ended a ten year trophy drought, the club has gone through a mostly barren period with little to show in many recent years of football.

The club play in blue and white, the city colours and, since September 2007, they have played all of their home matches in the Letzigrund stadium which is also the regular home ground of FC Zürich. From 1929 to 2007, Grasshoppers used to play in the Hardturm stadium, before it became surplus to requirements, with a new proposed stadium Stadion Zürich planned on the ashes of the old ground, but as of yet the project has been stalled (2021 the newest date of completion!), making Grasshoppers essentially homeless and ground sharing with their city rivals, not an ideal situation to be in for the club.  

Zürich, Swiss football away daysThe Letzigrund stadium is some stadium though, wide and expansive, at night with the floodlights on it is a sight to see. An athletics stadium first and foremost but owned by the city of Zurich (buying it off FC Zurich who were in debt at the time), with the popular IAAF Diamond League taking place here every year, it also has held some pretty big music concerts down through the years (both the old and updated version of the stadium) from U2, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Rihanna, Beyoncé, the Rolling Stones right up to today with Ed Sheeran playing booked to play this summer 2018. The current capacity is 25,000, for football events, 30,000, for athletics and 50,000, for concerts

Great managers that have managed the club include Ottmar Hitzfeld (as we have seen), ex England boss Roy Hodgson, managerial journeyman Leo BeenhakkerChristian Gross where his two Swiss titles got him his big move to Spurs, up to the present man in charge Murat Yakin.

To the game

Grasshopper 2 – 0 Lausanne Sport

04.11.2017  • Stadion Letzigrund, Zürich

J. Suárez 68′
M. Basic (Pen) 90’+3

Attendance: 5100

Even though the first half was nil nil, you definitely had the sense that Grasshoppers would win this game, since they made virtually all of the play, had a few chances and were much better on the ball. Lausanne were really not up to much and seemed to be at a lower level of class. 

Zürich, Swiss football away daysThat goal did eventually come, in the 68th minute when J. Suárez scored a nice goal, scoring from a loose ball just outside the box slotting it home with the goalkeeper no chance. A very well taken goal. By this stage Grasshoppers were piling on the pressure, and they got a second when M. Basic scored from a penalty after Pusic was taken down in the box. 

Grasshopper well deserved the win, as they played nice football and were always in control of the game. Their wingers, both sides, were causing all sorts of damage to the Lausanne defence who at times looked clueless. Nice game to watch, good atmosphere from the Grasshopper fans as well. 

Enjoyed my first time seeing Grasshoppers, and the Letzigrund is some stadium. Even though it has an athletics track around the pitch it still is a good place to watch football, as most seats are elevated and you can get a decent view of the pitch.  It was nowhere full, not even close, but then the Swiss football league is like that, but the Grasshopper fans that were there gave a good effort and were chanting throughout the game creating a decent atmosphere.  Beer and burger was good and I was happy with my time in the Letzigrund 

Goal of the game here.


Two games of football, a good few beers, some burgers, and a nice walk around the city at night, yeah I enjoyed my day out in Zurich. It isnt a bad old spot.

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Warteck Lager

Warteck Lager

Warteck Lager


Brewed by Feldschlösschen (Carlsberg)
Style: Pale Lager
Rheinfelden, Switzerland

A traditional Basel lager founded in 1856 directly opposite the old Badischer train station. Today their restaurant and bar Altes Warteck (Old Warteck) is a stones throw from the train station.

Warteck LagerAcquisition of the brewery by Bernhard Füglistaller-Sprenger. The Warteck beer quickly gained a good name and so shortly afterwards the first depot was opened in Bern and the first “Pilsener”  was brewed in Basel.

In 1989 the big boys come a calling with the sale of the brewery to Feldschlösschen, Switzerland’s beer giant. Feldschlösschen itself was bought out by Carlsberg in 2000. This a little controversial as Carlsberg like to use Feldschlösschen as a guinea pig for a lot of new products it has plans for, and also for non alcoholic beers it wants to try out.  It is tested out in Switzerland and then applied worldwide. This could be argued as a good thing as innovation and new techniques are good. It might be also good for some of the regional and smaller brands in the group, such as Warteck, as they will have a stronger support both in finance and in marketing, or at least that’s the plan. 

Review: 33cl bottle of Warteck Lager: ABV: 4.8% vol 

Warteck LagerBought it in a ten pack as I couldn’t get any singles in the shop. Clever marketing? 

Green bottle, screw top, simple but effective logo, I like it.

On appearance, it was a very fizzy beer, that produced a nice crystal clear golden yellow colour, but once it all settled down we are left with a very flat beer with no head at all. very flat, very disappointing considering the initial lively carbonation.  

The smell is nice enough of what you can get, a lagery kind of aroma but also a bit like a sweet perfume, must be the grains! Not much smell overall though.

Warteck LagerTaste is nice enough, the initial mouthful feels good. Nice maltiness there. 

A light lager taste that is fine.

It is an Ok beer, smooth and decent to drink but no great outstanding tastes that are going to set the world alight.

It is a very light tasting lager. Smooth, easy to drink, but boring and bland, even for a lager
Overall, I won’t be drinking again I don’t think!

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Boxer Old

Boxer Old

Boxer Old


Brewed by Brasserie du Boxer
Style: Pale Lager 
Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

A Boxer, the experts say, is a lively dog, playful and fun when young but a dog which mellows in its old age. They make great loyal companions in their old age, but they dont tend to live too long. All that romping around as a youngster you see, it all catches up with you in the end. (sure dont i know!). They are a mans dog, masculine, rugged and tough, looks imposing, farts and slobbers a lot. Not much grooming here, requires a strong hand as they can be stubborn little fuckers at times. 

Boxer OldWell if you haven’t guessed by now, the company name and logo were inspired by the faithful pet boxer of brewery founder and first director Mr. A. Hauser, on April the 6th, 1960. The new business was to have the start qualities of honesty, loyalty, independence and resilience, traits that he found in his beloved dog, Aramis.

Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the south west of the country.  The brewery has many different types of beer on offer but most interesting is a Hemp flavoured beer, Boxer Hacienda, popular amongst students no doubt. 

Review: 50cl. Can of Boxer Old: ABV: 5.2% vol 

Boxer OldGot it in a can, could not pass by and had to buy it what with the very eye catching logo of a Boxer dog on the can. Logo really is cool, love it, it really stands out. 

On pour get a nice clear light golden yellow beer, with a nice white frothy head.

Small carbonation. Head maintains, some slight lacing, not a bad looking beer. 

The aroma is faint but a piercing sweet grainy smell nonetheless, and of malts, the yeast and the hops. A typical lager smell.

On taste I get a slight creamy taste. Bit malty. Nice big mouthfuls. Grainy. All that in the initial taste!
Is a very tasty beer, a very smooth drinking beer, I like it. A lot in it to saviour.

Boxer OldA little bit hoppy but not overpowering, nicely balanced and pleasant. 

A lovely beer to saviour, and very refreshing on the taste buds. 

Very malty as well.

Recommended.  A good lager, simple and hits the spot.

I have had it served cool from a bottle at a bar and also found it quite refreshing, so I would definitely recommend this beer as a good lager to enjoy the night.

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Dr. Daniele Ganser


Short chat with Dr. Daniele Ganser, a prominent Swiss historian, Journalist, energy and peace researcher and head of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER), based in Basel. He teaches at the University of St. Gallen on the history and future of energy systems and at the University of Basel in the postgraduate study on conflict analysis on the global struggle for oil. His area of expertise is in the areas of global security, secret warfare, conflict analysis, peak oil and resource wars, economics and human rights and peace research. He has written many books covering his special topics, has appeared regularly on Russia Today and on Swiss TV, has given a TEDx lecture on “War and peace in the 21st century – the stories in our minds” in Budapest in 2016, and worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Switzerland. 

Ganser certainly has some interesting points to make on 9/11 (the real reason for the war is the control of energy resources and has questions on that the third tower, WTC 7,  that collapsed that day, and has some doubts that a plane had actually crashed into the Pentagon), on the need for oil (that the 2003 Iraq war a “classic resource war”) and false flag operations (Various activities of Operation Gladio)

Whatever you think of Ganser, just dont called him a conspiracy theorist. He doesn’t particularly like that! He had a fierce clash with Wikipedia over this issue when they more or less called him a conspiracy theorist while Ganser sees the word as a catch all term for the weird and the mad. This resulted in a mini edit war with supporters of Ganser dueling with the Wikipedia mafia on who decides whats what on Gansers page. 

Instead, Ganser calls himself a peace researcher and historian who investigates covert warfare using scientific methods and basic historical questioning techniques. 


Important Works

Illegal wars: How the NATO countries sabotage the UN. A chronicle from Cuba to Syria. Orell Füssli, Zurich 2016, ISBN 978-3-280-05631-8.


The book recalls that the United Nations Charter forbids Wars, and shows current examples of how this ban is disregarded by the NATO countries.

NATO Geheimarmenn in Europa.  Orell Füssli, Zurich, 2008 ISBN 978-3-280-06106-0 .

“NATO Intelligence in Europe” in English. Ganser shows how manipulated terror and covert warfare were used in the cold war to discredit political opponents and create a climate of fear.

NATO’s secret armies. Operation Gladio and terrorism in Western Europe. Routledge, 2005 ISBN 0-7146-5607-0 

FC Basel, Swiss football away days


The book addresses secret armies run by NATO and the CIA across mainland Europe, especially concentrating on Operation Gladio in Italy. 

Website: www.Danieleganser.ch
Twitter @DanieleGanser                                                                                                                             Facebook

Full article here

FC Basel, Swiss football away days

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Olaf Ohl, lead singer of Keltikon

Here is the interview with OLAF OHL

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipes

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipesWhere did you get the inspiration for starting a Swiss punk Celtic band?

We had a kind of blues rock band first, which didn’t work out, then I met a half Scottish half English guy Ian Duncan, so I founded the band with him. At first we only played acoustic guitar and pipes  and so after some months Rino the bass player joined us, then  we got our first fiddle player, drummer and …….

You haven’t been going to long, you’ve only been around since 2012 I think, so what’s the feedback so far?

Mostly good!

I see you have even been to the Czech Republic, you’re even doing touring outside of Switzerland?

Yes, yes, that was pretty nice. I love Czech Rep for many years and I go there regularly, twice or three times a year. I got a lot of friends there, I know a punk band there so we organise a little tour last year. We will go there again this year, also we can play at the festivals there

So what about 2015? Any different venues, perhaps London, or even Ireland, maybe!?

Maybe for March the 17th?

St Patrick ’s Day in Dublin?

Would be great!

What was the first Celtic punk album you listened to? Were you into the Pogues, the Dubliners, even Stiff Little Fingers or………..?

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipesFor me it was definitely The Pogues, in the 80’s

Why the Pogues?

I don’t know!

I mean you are living in Switzerland!

Because the Pogues are famous all around the world, and even an idiot like me realised this band exits!

What was the very first song you learnt for the band, what was the first number?

It was Lark in the Morning (Traditional Irish song)

Ian came in and it’s also a pipe tune so he came in with the pipe tune, and I found out that there is a real good version from the Johnsons (1960s Irish folk band) which I remember well, from the 60s so we picked this one.

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipes

Who is the creative person behind the band?

It’s actually me because I arranged and wrote most of the songs, and I’m doing the bookings for the band.

I have to ask about your last album, what was it called!

‘Agenbite of Inwit’A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipes

Yes, what the hell is that!

Inspired by a book of James Joyce, Ulysses, about a woman with a real hard feel for catholic guilt, and ‘Agenbite of Inwit’ means deep remorse or been very sorry for everything. And we wrote up this song because we dedicated it to Dominique Strauss Kahn, Silvio Berlusconi and Donald Trump


They don’t have any ‘Agenbite of Inwit’ in their life.

Yes I seen that in one of your concerts, Ian mentioned Berlusconi and Donald Trump in a concert and I didn’t get the connection!

Yeah, so that’s the reason why!

That album, there is quite a variety in that album, I mean you have your bang, bang guitar music, then some kind of melodies, it is quite an extensive album. I mean you have “Seven Sisters of Seven Seas”, and then you have a bit more rockier tunes, so what was that like making that album?   All different kind of influences?

Well it’s more like the pop rock songs were more written by Ian. Actually I like this music too but I tried to get something else in, but I like punk music anyway, I was composing the faster and harder tunes.

It got very good feedback from all the punk websites, I’m sure you have seen. I think you were compared to Neil Young in one website! 

To Neil Young!

Yes, did you not see that!

Yes I’ve heard that. Well actually it’s really true I am a huge fan of Neil Young but I would never have thought that anybody can hear that on our album!

Do you have any die-hard fans that follow you around all the time when you are travelling around Switzerland?

There is only one, Alex!

Ha, we already met him!

We have other fans coming regularly, but Alex is with us for nearly every concert.

Have you ever had any article of underwear thrown at you at a gig!? Not Alex’s!

Not yet, as far as I can remember!

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipes(To Alex) Alex is the number one fan over here. Alex, what’s so special about this band, tell me?

Well they are a good band, they have some great music, there great guys, and well they are very friendly, they bring me to the concert and bring me back!

What about the lead singer? I heard he is a bit moody?

Sometimes, sometimes. If he is in a bad mood you shouldn’t talk to him.

He was compared to Neil Young, would you agree with that?

Well, Neil Young is not as good!

Well that’s why you’re the number one fan!

A drink with Keltikon, Switzerland's Celtic Punk Rock band, irish music, beer, irish pub, bagpipes(back to Olaf) We are drinking beer all the time, so what’s the best beer in Switzerland?

Well there are a lot of interesting beers, at the moment I like CHOPFAB very much, it’s a beer brewed in Winterthur. It’s a nice smooth draught beer. It’s the translation of Headless

And what’s your favourite Irish beer?

Well, Smithwicks

So, what’s the best pub in the world?

I guess the best pub I was in was in Edinburgh, but I forgotten its name!

If you had to choose Scotland, Ireland or Switzerland what’s your choice?

Well I don’t know, Ireland

But unfortunately I’ve never been there

Shocking, that’s the headline!

I guess I will find a way there soon, with Alex!


 An unedited audio version of the interview is here. The “knicker version”

Full article here

A Drink with Keltikon

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