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Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Klosterstoff

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Klosterstoff

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Klosterstoff 


Brewed by Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu
Style: Märzen / Oktoberfest 
Alpirsbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu is a brewing company in a small town called Alpirsbach in the Black Forest region of Germany

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu KlosterstoffThe company was founded in 1877 by Johann Gottfried Glauner who reactivated the former monastery brewery. In 1880 the company was passed onto his son, Carl Albert Glauner and in 1906 the company was renamed to Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu. The company was and is continuously held by the Glauner family that is now in its fourth generation of ownership.

The company has an annual turnover of 22 million euros (2014), and its big seller, its “spezial” lager, won the prestigious World Beer Award in 2013. Read my review of that beer here

Other beers they produce have also won prestigious awards. Its Pils getting a silver in the World Beer Cup in 2014, and its Wheat crystal, Monastery Starkbier and Monastic substance all picking up awards in the World Beer Awards

Review: 0.33l flip top bottle of Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Klosterstoff Märzenbier: ABV: 5.9% 

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu KlosterstoffBottle with a cool flip top, lets open the beer from the Black Forest. 

On pour got a lovely crystal clear golden colour and a nice white head that appeared. 

Nice bit of carbo, bubbling away.

Head does thin out but maintains and the colour does fade a little, not as sparkling on pour.

Got a lovely initial smell of malts, all really pleasant on the nose but faint. But I also detected some hot spicy aromas which was interesting!

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu KlosterstoffNice big mouthfuls. Tasted wheat, grain, malts, altogether not a bad taste at all and very smooth.

Very smooth, must be the good waters from the streams near the Black Forest, I guess! 

Good creamy mouthfuls, soft on the tongue.

A Good beer that was lovely and smooth.

Not particularly hoppy, to me at least. Easy to drink, refreshing, and very well balanced. It is not going to set the world alight, but I liked it. 

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Oettinger Export. The cheap beer with added value

Oettinger Export. The cheap beer with added value.

Oettinger Export


Brewed by Oettinger Brauerei GmbH
Style: Dortmunder/Helles
Oettingen, Bavaria, Germany

Oettinger is Germany’s best selling beer brand since the early 1990’s, made by Oettinger Brauerei headquartered in the small town of Oettingen, in Bavaria, Germany

They also have breweries located in Gotha, Mönchengladbach and Braunschweig.

Oettinger Export. The cheap beer with added valueNicknamed “Oetti”, the brewery is well known for producing vast amounts of cheap beer which can be easily got in all the major supermarket chains.  Basically it is a German version of “stack em high sell em cheap”, and for people with only coppers in their pockets and students, well….. this is the perfect beer. They dont do draft and its rare to find in a pub. But in case you are worried, all of the Oettinger beers are brewed in accordance to the “Reinheitsgebot”, the German purity law of 1516, the standard used to maintain good quality beer in Germany.

Oettinger uses several ways to keep beer prices low: It does not advertise, it delivers directly to the stores and shops, and has a highly automated brewing process that uses as few employees as possible to brew vast amounts of beer.

Oettinger Export. The cheap beer with added valueAll this has made the brand a runaway success, easily becoming Germany’s go to beer for getting pissed on the cheap. It is also exported as far away as Australia and closer to home in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. 

The family-owned company was founded in the picturesque Bavarian town of Oettingen, way back in 1731, as it says on the can, but the brewery really began to change when it was taken over in 1956 by Otto and Günther Kollmar. These two set up a direct marketing strategy aimed at the price conscious consumer and in the era of supermarkets in the 70’s they had the perfect distribution network to flood the German market with their produce. 

Review: 50 cl Can of Oettinger Export: ABV: 5.4%

The cheap beer with added value. 

On pour a lot of carbonation producing a very clear golden colour.  A big bubbly white head appears which does die a death pretty fast to leave a small flat head. No lacing. Appearance is ok, nothing special. 

Oettinger Export. The cheap beer with added valueHas a good beery smell, a bit faint but good all the same, yeasty, grainy….

Bit of a biting metallic taste, but goes and once you get over that the beer is quite enjoyable 

Can taste the malts, the grains and the yeast

All in the front taste, nothing remarkable in the back end which is a little bit dry.

Not bad. Smooth and filling, getting nice big creamy mouthfuls. 

Strong bitter hoppy taste might not be suitable for everyone, but it doesn’t hang around and I found it bearable.

Beery. I like it. Sessionable enough though, especially for the price. The beer to price ratio in this beer is excellent, Cheap beer equals good session

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Erdinger Weissbier, The Taste of Bavaria

Erdinger Weissbier, The Taste of Bavaria

Erdinger Weissbier 


Brewed by Erdinger Weissbräu 
Style: Hefeweizen/Wheat Beer
Erding, Germany

The Erdinger Brewery Werner Brombach GmbH (also known as Erdinger Weißbräu) is a brewery in Erding, northeast of Munich, Germany. Its best-known product is the Erdinger Weissbier (wheat beer).

Erdinger Weissbier, The Taste of BavariaThe brewery was founded in 1886 by Johann Kienle, however, the brewery wasnt known as Erdinger Weißbräu until 1949 when its owner at the time, Franz Brombach, changed it. The current owner is Franz Brombach’s son, Werner Brombach who has been in charge since 1975, and under his guidance he helped establish Erdinger as the successful nationwide and international wheat beer product of today.

Amazingly in this day and age, the company does not license. From Erding, and Erding only, the beer is exported to over 95 countries worldwide making it one of the world’s largest wheat beer breweries, not bad for a small town family-owned enterprise.

People in the UK might know it from been available in all J D Wetherspoon pubs, those that were brave enough to try it aside from their usual lager or ale tipple. 

in 1995 the official Erdinger Fan Club was founded. The club currently connects around 90,000 members in over 65 countries around the world under the motto “Party, Celebrate & Enjoy with Erdinger Weissbier”. Some well known ex footballers are big fans of the beer, Der Kasier himself Mr. Franz Beckenbauer , Mario Basler , and Lothar Matthäus amongst others…

Erdinger Weissbräu uses the traditional bottle fermentation in its wheat beer, which means that the beer matures (similar to champagne) in the bottle.

Currently, there are ten varieties available with its Weißbier its best seller, naturally.

Review: 50 cl Bottle of Erdinger Weissbier: ABV: 5.3%

Erdinger Weissbier, The Taste of BavariaSo lets try this “true classic of Bavarian wheat beer culture”, as stated on their own website!

They say that it really should be drank from a Weizen glass for proper usage, but hell I can only go on what I have…….a normal glass stein, but its good enough for me.

Also, I must say I do love the logo of the company. Really colourful with the wheat symbol surrounded by striking red and blue colours spelling out the name of Erdinger Weissbier. 

On pour there is a good bit of carbonation, noisy bubbles resulting in a pretty big decent sized frothy head. Vibrant and alive!
A very pale golden colour.

Turns a bit hazy looking after a while.

Head reduces in size but retains a little bit

Got a lot in the bottle, a lot of bang for the buck! 

Faint smell, of yeast, not much to smell, uninspiring 

On taste, got a really refreshing nice big mouthful, creamy and smooth. A nice startErdinger Weissbier, The Taste of Bavaria

Big nice mouthfuls, but no real distinct tastes, creamy, but not bad

Smooth and crisp enough to saviour, and nice for a weissbier. Nice, I liked it

Wouldn’t say there is a whole lot of taste.

Can’t really feel the alcohol
Tastes of light malt. Light malt, some fruits and of course the wheat

Liked it a lot, nice, very easy to drink, not much taste, but filling, and quite smooth. Overall this isn’t a bad beer, but perhaps a bit boring for the style and not enough strong standout flavours to satisfy the Weissbier fans………

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Ratsherrn Pilsner

Ratsherrn Pilsner

Ratsherrn Pilsner 


Brewed by Ratsherrn Brauerei
Style: Pilsener 
Hamburg, Germany

The Ratsherrn Brauerei (Alderman Brewery) is a medium-sized company, with a 50 year tradition, but is in its present form since 2012, in the Sternschanze district in the heart of the portal city of Hamburg, Germany. Brewing has been going on here in this part of the city since 1869.

Review: 0.33l Bottle of Ratsherrn Pilsner: ABV: 4.9%

On pour we get a light yellow colour on view, with a nice big frothy, creamy head appearing.  A nice amount of carbonation bubbling away. Some slight lacing in evidence. Looks ok, nothing wrong with the appearance. 

The aroma is very nice, a real lovely smell in fact, very nice aroma of floral hops.  wheat/grainy and grassy…

Got a strong initial taste hitting the senses, the spices I guess

Sour taste, with some lemon, and then there is the sweet malts, but all drinkable 

A nice smooth beer, very sessionable

Nice creamy mouthfuls with a buttery off taste which is manageable 

Not overly hoppy

Not a bad beer overall, nice and tasty, I liked it.  Yeah, a good beer to drink!……..

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Beck’s, the canned version straight from Germany

Beck’s, the canned version straight from Germany



Brewed by Brauerei Beck & Co. 
Style: German Pilsener 
Bremen, Germany

Beck’s is a pale German pilsner brewed by Beck’s Brewery, also known as Brauerei Beck & Co., in the northern German city of Bremen. Since Beck’s is located on the river of a port city, it was easy to ship out its product to the world at large and one of the reasons why it is the biggest-selling German export around the globe

The brewery was formed under the name Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G. in 1873 by Lüder Rutenberg, Heinrich Beck and Thomas May. In 1875, Thomas May left the brewery which then became known as Kaiserbrauerei Beck & Co.

Beck’s, the canned version straight from GermanyBeck’s striking logo, is a silver key on a red shield, and is the mirror image of the coat of arms of Bremen. 

The Beck’s Brewery sponsor Bundesliga team Werder Bremen.

The beer won gold in the prestigious World Beer Cup under the category of German-Style Pilsener, in 1998

Since 2008 it has been part of Anheuser-Busch InBev..

The US manufacture of Beck’s has been based in St. Louis, Missouri since early 2012, by Anheuser Busch InBev. An unpopular move which has seen many customers complain about a perceived change in the quality of the product, and which also saw the Brewery lose a class-action lawsuit as it “tricked consumers into thinking Beck’s was a German beer,” (The Wall Street Journal). Which to be fair they deserved a bad rap with packaging that contained ‘German Quality’ beer and ‘Originated in Bremen, Germany,’. That was just asking for trouble. 

Review: 16 oz Can of Beck’s: ABV: 4.9% 

This is the canned version straight from Germany and not the green bottle variety that many have complained about on the various beer sites. So I imagine should be less skunky….

Incidentally, Becks were the first German brewery to use green bottles…..

Beck’s, the canned version straight from GermanyOn pour get a very clear, very, very clear, light golden yellow appearance, with some nice carbonation, bubbling away. Has a decent sized frothy white head that looks good, but does reduce in size but maintains overall.

Some small lacing. Overall looks pretty decent

For the aroma I get a very slight whiff of a real beery smell, but its quite faint, can smell the grains, all nice but faint ………… 

On taste we get a nice creamy intro…..but there is a very strong lingering bitter taste throughout that pierces this beer. It is slightly stringent and not very nice to taste
No real aftertaste? 

Bit of a cardboard taste detected as well
Is possible to get a nice mouthful and the beer has some depth to it with the barley and malts, but….that overall sour bitter taste prevails, of sweet corn perhaps, and its not good, and I found this beer overall fairly hard to stomach to be honest. Not a good beer at all……….

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Ganter Urtrunk, a family enterprise in the city of Freiburg

Ganter Urtrunk, a family enterprise in the city of Freiburg

Ganter Urtrunk


Brewed by Brauerei Ganter 
Style: Zwickel/Keller/Landbier
Freiburg, Germany

Ganter Urtrunk, a family enterprise in the city of FreiburgAugust 28, 1865, saw the birth of the Ganter brewery when the 24 year old Ludwig Ganter founded his micro brewery in the center of Freiburg.

Today the brewery remains an independent and traditional family enterprise, rooted in the city of Freiburg and the southern Baden region, and using nothing but only the best locally and regionally sourced ingredients in their beers. 

The brewery has also seen massive development in recent years, with an ultra-modern and resource-efficient bottling plant, to become one of the most modern medium-sized breweries in Germany while at the same time making progress with ecological brewery, using solar panels, organic brewing techniques and efficiency measures to cut down on wasteful energy, all tying in with the image of Freiburg as an “Eco city”

Review: 0,33l flip-top Bottle of Ganter Urtrunk beer: ABV: 4.9% 

Ganter Urtrunk, a family enterprise in the city of FreiburgComing in a cool swing/flip top bottle with an interesting label, the beer apparently uses the same recipes that go way back to the founder Louis Ganter  

On pour we get a nice light golden yellow looking beer, with a decent sized head that looks nice, but dies a little afterwards. No lacing

Has a very nice beery smell, yeast filling the nose, nice……..

Ganter Urtrunk, a family enterprise in the city of FreiburgOn the taste….well it is very tasty that’s for sure, very hoppy as well

Sessionable beer, smooth in the front end and easy to drink. Bit of a bitter aftertaste which is interesting but manageable, it is a very tasty beer. A nice amount of malts, and has a lemon edge to it which wasn’t bad, I liked it. 

Overall I liked this beer, very drinkable, very nice to taste with spices, the lemon, the grains, all noted. A nice and relaxing beer, and would have drank a few more than the two I bought….

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Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Spezial

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Spezial

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Spezial


Brewed by Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu 
Style: Munich Helles Lager 
Alpirsbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu SpezialAlpirsbacher Klosterbräu is a brewing company in a small town called Alpirsbach in the Black Forest region of Germany

The company was founded in 1877 by Johann Gottfried Glauner who reactivated the former monastery brewery. In 1880 the company was passed onto his son, Carl Albert Glauner and in 1906 the company was renamed to Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu. The company was and is continuously held by the Glauner family that is now in its fourth generation of ownership.
The company has an annual turnover of 22 million euros (2014), and its big seller, its “spezial”, won the prestigious World Beer Award in 2013.

Review: Bottle of Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Spezial: ABV: 5.2% 

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu SpezialUsing the soft pure brewing water from the Black Forest.

Looks fantastic on pour, very clear golden yellow colour on show.

Despite the photo, the head dies a quick death, very flat, which is a little disappointing

Some slight carbonation,

Apart from shit head, it looks good..

Had a very nice beery smell, very good, very tinty on the nose, smelling of grains, nice sweet smelling malts with some lemon citrus…

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu SpezialA smooth light crisp drink, not too much to taste,

Bit sour, bit creamy,

Some malts

Any taste is felt in the aftertaste, with a hoppy bitterness which is manageable,

But overall a very light and smooth drink, but nothing amazing, ok……

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Riegeler Landbier

Riegeler Landbier

Riegeler Landbier 


Brewed by Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei
Style: Landbier
          Donaueschingen, Germany

Riegeler Landbier

The Meyer & Söhne (Meyer & Sons) AG brewery, established in 1834, evolved over time to be the second biggest brewery in Baden-Württemberg by 2003. Today the brewery company Meyer & Sons is part of the Fürstenberg brewery. The popular brand “Riegeler Bier” was preserved, and the beer is now brewed and bottled by the Fürstenberg brewery on site in Donaueschingen.

Review: Bottle of Riegeler Landbier: ABV: 5.4% 

Riegeler LandbierBrewed according to the Riegeler original recipe since 1834, the beer is still growing strong in Germany today.

On pour there is a clear golden colour with a small sized head which looks good, but dies eventually. Small bit of carbonation. Looks ok

It has a nice smell, a bit beery and piercing on the nose, but nice all the same. Sweet malts


Taste was a bit flat, found no real initial taste.

Riegeler LandbierThere was an aftertaste alright, very hoppy, bit heavy in the back end

Strong enough though, can feel the alcohol

Not great to drink, got a chemical taste, bit of lemon, a bit sour. Not one I will be returning to.

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Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beer

Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier

Veltins Grevensteiner Naturtrübes Landbier


Brewed by  Brauerei C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co.
Style: Pale Kellerbier / Zwickelbier |
Meschede-Grevenstein, Germany

Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beerBrauerei C & A Veltins is a brewery based in the west German city of Meschede-Grevenstein. Veltins is one of the more popular breweries in Germany

Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beerIn the 19th century, twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins (the C and the A!) brewed in GrevenStein, an excellent beer that gained popularity well beyond its borders of Sauerland, the south-eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. This region has many mountains (from which the name “Sauerland” comes) and is therefore an ideal place for the production of exceptional beer. The naturally cloudy Greven Steiner Original is brewed with soft spring water and freshly harvested hops.

Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beerThis present beer is inspired by the first beer brewed by the brothers. Then, as now, it was named Grevensteiner, and uses the traditional brewing methods the twins used all those years ago. A direct descendant, Susanne Veltins has directed the company since the mid 90’s.

Top German Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 play in the Veltins-Arena, the football stadium, with a top capacity of 55,000, which is sponsored by the brewery.

Kellerbier (“cellar beer.”), sometimes referred to as Zwickelbier, is an unfiltered and unpasteurized pilsner.

Review: Bottle of Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier: 5.20% ABV

Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beerA nod to the German purity law. Comes in a lovely 0,30 cl Steinie bottle with a label that shows the history and tradition of the brewery.

A very good looking beer. On pour a nice creamy head formed, very frothy, that stuck around.  The colour of the beer was a dark cloudy amber colour. Some good lacing.

The aroma was very, very sweet, a quite piercing smell on the nose. A sweet smell, of bread crust, malts and some fruit, I liked it

Brauerei C & A Veltins, Meschede-Grevenstein, Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier, german beerA very smooth beer, easy to drink, soft on the tongue and lovely to taste. I liked it, for me it was like having a nice cup of tea (I am not a coffee drinker!), the creamy caramel kicking in and some biscuit flavours, so relaxing and refreshing!

Malts and caramel taste, and balanced overall.

No aftertaste, not very hoppy at all, pleasant finish.

Recommended and will be on the look out for these again in the near future.

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Bad Manners under the bridge, London

Bad Manners under the bridge, London

Bad Manners are an English ska band, from North London, fronted by the larger (extra-large?) than life Buster Bloodvessel. Big in the ‘80s, during a period when ska was popular, Bad Manners spent an amazing 111 weeks in the UK Singles Chart between 1980 and 1983 and the band had 15 hit singles in the U.K. with such classics as  “Lip Up Fatty”, ” Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu” (Yeah, really!), My Girl Lollipop”, “The Can Can”, “Special Brew” and “Walking In The Sunshine” and were up there with Madness, The Specials and The Selecter as the leading Ska band of the time.

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonFormation:  A group of six school friends in 1976, from North London, formed the band. Fronted by Buster Bloodvessel (born Douglas Trendle), the band were mostly made up of self-taught musicians and a lot of energy. After becoming popular in the pubs and clubs of their native surrounds with their unique stage performances and huge leading man they quickly gained a following, which got them a record contract (without even recording a demo tape) with Magnet Records in 1980.

Where did the name come from? Buster Bloodvessel is a name taken from the bus conductor off the Beatles’ movie Magical Mystery Tour.

TV work Growing up in the 80’s, Bad Manners were a stable diet on TV, from Saturday morning Breakfast shows like Tiswas, Cheggars Plays Pop and the rest to evening appearances on, of course, Top of The Pops, over 30 in fact. Sometimes manic, always fun, the more noted appearances included that Can Can dress with the big fuck off Doc Martins, and on Tiswas with lots and lots of flying custard pies! The TV work and colourful performances gave them a chance to showcase their music to a huge audience and endeared Bad Manners to the British public.

Eventually they got banned from TOTP, when Buster, unannounced, painted his head red, which messed up the lightning and view from the TV screens. Not the worst thing in the world, but there you go.

Ban Manners and more specifically their eccentric front man, were always good fun to watch on TV. Buster with his really long tongue, big shiny bald head, even bigger belly, and always wearing something mad, was a sight to see

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonIn 1985 Buster mooned (indecent exposure) the POPE! Yeah you read that right! In Italy, for the San Remo Festival, wanting to outdo Barry White, who was just coming off stage, and shock the crowd, Buster dropped his pants, and his rather large and not that hard to miss bum was picked up live on state TV. Unfortunately for Buster this festival was a favourite of his Holiness Pope John Paul who was watching the whole spectacle back in the Vatican. This resulted in a lifetime ban from Italian TV, and perhaps eternal damnation in the next life as well.

Buster is a big man with big ideas…….so it was only natural that if he was to have a Hotel called “Fatty Towers” for big people, it makes perfect sense (I Guess!). The hotel located in Margate, opened in 1996, and catered for the larger clientele, or at least those with huge appetites, had massive beds and baths, held annual Belly of the Year contests, and more importantly had extra-large food portions on its menus. Apparently the St John’s Ambulance were on speed dial in the event of misfortune!

Alas the venture didn’t last, as touring whilst running a hotel was too demanding, and Fatty Towers closed in 1998.

The legend of Buster’s eating habits…..eating 28 Big Macs, had ate a shark and once on the Isle of Wight ate 15 lobsters. So Buster was always a fat bastard, but when his weight topped 31 stone (197kg) and he collapsed during a show, then things had to change as his life was clearly in danger. Buster underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and now he weighs in at a very respectful 13 stone. He lost roughly 18 stone (114kg) in just over 10 months, which is about the size of many a man! This new lease of life now means that the Hackney-born crooner has even more energy to bounce around the stage, Lip Up Fatty no more!

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonTouring Bad Manners are a hardworking band, permanently gigging which takes them all over the world, from as far afield as Japan, Australia and New Zealand, the Americas, all round Europe, and the length and breadth of Britain. Yet despite the years the band still packs out venues, albeit small sized venues such as leisure centres, pubs, theatres, festivals.

To really appreciate Bad Manners you really have to experience them live. Their live concerts are legendary. A lot of sweaty dancing will be involved, a huge amount of fun, and a decent slice of good time Ska. This is one reason why the band still gig and are still popular even after all these years…..nights full of skanking

Seeing them for the first time, in Under the Bridge, London, I can definitely confirm that they are a great live act. Brilliant, and without a shadow of a doubt one of the best gigs I have ever attended. Great fun, friendly crowd, and a good set that was well over an hour where by the end everyone was hopping around like crazy. Top stuff…….


Under The Bridge

Address: Stamford Bridge | Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS, England


The concert was set in Under the Bridge, a very fancy purpose-built music venue in west London, just under Chelsea football club’s stadium, Stamford Bridge, hence the name!

The place holds about 500 people, and cost Mr. Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, a cool £20 million to refurbish what was the Purple nightclub

I have to say the venue was fantastic, really was.

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonThe band were illuminated with great bright LED lightening, the sound was perfect, and it was dead easy to get a view no matter where you were in the room, as the stage was raised, no looking between people’s heads and awkward glances over peoples shoulders. Also plenty of room to sit, lots of bar stools around, toilets impeccable, everywhere all clean and tidy. Perfectly designed, and very classy, but not in anyway pretentious.

As for the workforce, friendly door security, and the bar staff were ultra-friendly, chatty and quick to get your order.

The Sheephaven Bay

                                 Address: 2-3 Mornington Street, Camden, London NW1 7QD


Sheephaven BayMaking my way from the tube stop on Mornington Crescent, and just off Camden Town High Street, I went to meet a few old friends at The Sheephaven Bay, a good Irish style back street boozer. I have had beers in this pub before, always has a cracking atmosphere, feels homely, and even though it’s an Irish pub, it’s definitely not an “Oirish” pub, this is the real deal, warmth and charm, and none of your “O’Neills” plastic shite here!

Plenty of space, good beer on tap, lots of banter, and football on the box, but not so loud that you can’t hear yourself think……..great pub to spend a few hours in. Recommended.


Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners

49-51 Black Prince Road, Lambeth, London SE11 6AB, England

Southwark, Vauxhall


Was meeting a friend here who is part of the whole London St Pauli thing, and as this bar is German run and is the place to see all German national games and Bundesliga I and II games, we decided to meet here.

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonHave to say I completely missed it at first as it still retains the old name of the previous pub, “The Jolly Gardeners”, with “Zeitgeist” written in much smaller signage, so was very easy to pass. Think it’s officially called “The Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners”. Clever, eh? Hmmm! This Victorian pub is just behind Lambeth Bridge and about 10 minutes from Vauxhall station. It was what looked like an old style British boozer on the corner of the street.

Inside though there is a Germanic feel to the bar, German flags, and a range of authentic German beers (or biers) on draught and in bottle covering most styles, from Warsteiner, Paulaner, Jever, Kolsch. Bitburger, Holstein, Krombacher, etc. Food is also available, schnitzels and sausages and all the rest. The bar’s popular with German expats, who gather to watch Bundesliga matches on two big screens.

Bad Manners under the bridge, LondonService was on the slow side, very slow, snail’s pace. Average time waiting for beer was about 20 minutes. Happened to loads of customers, ended up as a running joke, was actually quite funny how bad it was. One St Pauli fan had enough, got up and left!! Bar staff didn’t seem too bothered about all the thirsty customers, not rude or anything just they looked a bit stoned to be honest or perhaps that’s a German look? They looked a bit clueless and didn’t seem to be upto the job. I do know that they would be out on their ear if this was in an Irish bar, can’t be that slow when people need a drink!

Not much of an atmosphere either in the bar, bit dull, but to be fair St Pauli were getting beaten so I guess that put a dampener on things.  Either way won’t be going to this scheisse hole again. One of the worst………..

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