Sierra Nevada Vienna Style Lager

Sierra Nevada Vienna Style Lager

Sierra Nevada Vienna Style Lager

Brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Style: Vienna Lager 
Chico, California, United States

Craft beer is a big thing these days, Christ you can’t walk side ways what with some hipster nattering on about some craft brew he picked up in some god forsaken trendy bar in down town London/New York or wherever the fuck they infest. But you know it wasn’t always like that. There was a brewery banging out craft beers well before the bearded ones appropriated our beer culture. That company was Sierra Nevada, the early pioneers of craft brewing.

Sierra Nevada Vienna Style LagerWay back in 1979, in Chico, Califronia, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co was founded by home brewers Ken Grossman and Paul Camusi. The name, of course, coming from the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range to the south of Chico.

Starting small, with loans from family and friends, the company grew overtime to become, today, one of the top craft breweries in the United States, behind the Boston kingpins Samuel Adams, creating a kind of American East West craft beer feud.

The brewery focuses on flavor, character, style, and craft, while at the same time respecting tradition and innovation. Perhaps that’s what makes the beers so special. Its this attention to detail and doing the right thing that make the brand what it is. With a nod to the environment, ethical farming, and locally produced ingredients, and taken into consideration their small upbringing and community based outlook, all this has led to Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. winning the US Environmental Protection Agency’s “Green Business of the Year” award in 2010

This serious commitment to the environment, included recycling spent grains, using hops and yeast as cattle feed,  having enough solar energy to power the brewery, and recycling and composting most of their waste. They also have their own water treatment plant. If that’s not all hipster enough for you then I dont know what is…

Review: Bottle of Sierra Nevada Vienna Style Lager: ABV: 5.30% 

Sierra Nevada Vienna Style LagerA Vienna style beer is a light coloured amber lager that has a delicate balance between sweet caramel malts and floral hops

Aroma: Lovely smell, I got toasted biscuit tones, sweet caramel and malts, all of which were absolutely lovely to smell, wow, really liked the aroma, good start……………..

Appearance: On pour I got a clear amber looking colour, and a massive head which was very frothy, but it does settle down quick enough to peter out, no real lacing, and ok to look at

Sierra Nevada Vienna Style LagerLovely taste, really enjoyed drinking this beer, was dead smooth and easy to drink from start to finish, a type of beer to saviour long into the night, excellent.

Tasted a lot of malt, also got caramel and toffee

Really full of tastes, sweet but not too sweet, and all flavours balanced and drinkable

I liked it a lot,  a beer that is clean and very smooth. Definitely will be checking out this beer again. Enjoyable and very easy to drink. Recommended..

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