Saverne 8,8 Premium

Saverne 8,8 Premium

Saverne 8,8 Premium

Brewed by Karlsbräu (Karlsberg)
Style: Euro Strong Lager
Saverne, France 

Saverne 8,8 PremiumBrasserie de Saverne, as part of the Brasserie Licorne group, but all distributed and controlled by Karlsbräu (Karlsberg) and not to be confused with Carlsberg!! 

The Brasserie Licorne, established in 1845, is located in Saverne, in the Alsace region of France. The Licorne brewery is a family run company whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. It was owned by a succession of families, the Ebeners who were the original family, and then the Schweickhardts, Gerbers, Beckers and Webers.

In 1989 the brewery was taken over by German brewing group Karlsberg, one of the largest breweries in Germany. It is called Karlsbräu outside of Germany to differentiate it from the Danish brewing company Carlsberg.

Review: 500ml Can of Saverne 8,8 Premium: ABV: 8.8% vol 

Saverne 8,8 PremiumComing in a black can with a large “8,8”  ringed by a double yellow circle and with the words “strong beer” in English, French, German and Italian. Yes that would work if you want to catch the eye of the beer drinker whose ambition is to get fucked on cheap beer!!

On pour I got a dark golden orange beer that produced a very big frothy white head which settled well, with a very good bit of carbonation, can hear it whizzing around. Altogether this beer looks good and looks very appetizing and filling. Get a lot in the can.

No lacing. 

Colour does go a little murky after a while.

The smell was quite strong, a beery aroma, was yeasty and malty, and hoppy. 

Can definitely smell the alcohol that’s for sure. 

On taste, fuck me, there is a very strong initial taste, grainy with a very sweet flavour, but it is actually ok. Not great, but ok.

Saverne 8,8 PremiumNice big mouthfuls. Creamy and Tasty.

After you take a taste you get to appreciate it afterwards as it leaves a nice lasting affect in your mouth.

Very bitter and acidic taste, but afterwards it sinks in.

This is a very strong tasting beer, where you get the taste lightning up afterwards, a little while later, weird!! A bit of a slow burner.

A very tasty beer, bitter, hoppy, but manageable, but just about.

Needs to be served cold to be fully appreciated.

Overall it is very tasty. Yeah in the end not bad. Liked it in the end. Strong too.

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