Sagres Cerveja 

Sagres Cerveja

Sagres Cerveja

Brewed by Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, S.A (Heineken Group)
Style: Pale Lager
Vialonga, Portugal

In 1855 a brewer called Jansen Ceverjas started making beer in Lisbon. In the decades that followed, brewers cooperated together and by 1934, the biggest four brewers merged into a collective called Central de Cervejas. In 2008, Central de Cervejas was purchased by the Heineken Group.

The Sagres brewery is located in Vialonga, near Lisbon.

Sagres Cerveja The SCC (Sociedade Central de Cervejas) produce a wide range of beers, mainly pale lagers, but they also produce a dark Munich called Sagres Preta, which has won many international awards, a Sagres Bohemia an auburn beer with an abv of 6.2%, and a Sagres Radler. Its not only beer too, they also produce soft drinks and bottled water. 

Sagres Beer is one of the most popular beers in Portugal and is produced and shipped to countries all around the world, and particularly wherever there is a large Portuguese community. The beer has won many international awards, including the World Beer Competition (in Belgium way back in 1958!) and one that caught my eye on their webpage……”Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015″. Well that’s some achievement, wow well done Sagres!

The beer has a long-term sponsorship deal with the Liga Portuguesa Futebol, the highest level of professional football in Portugal. As a result, the league is officially called Liga ZON Sagres. Sagres are also official sponsor of the Portugal national team since 1993.

Review: 25cl Can of Sagres Cerveja: ABV: 5%

I do really like the brown bottle and the Sagres logo, its nice and colourful and stands out. 

Sagres Cerveja On appearance it had a dark golden colour, with a nice big sized white head that maintained very well. Some lacing. Some carbonation, fizzing away 

Faint smell but nice, malty, grainy, slightly metallic, but its ok, albeit very faint.

Light to drink, very smooth, not a whole lot of tastes or flavours, but does the business.

Light malts.Light lager. Bit corny.

Drinkable, good considering it is cheap pish from Aldi. Not bad to pass the time, though can’t feel the alcohol or any real taste, but overall it wasn’t bad. I did enjoy them, and look forward to the day when I can try them out on draught on a beach in sunny Portugal. Some day, not in the far off distant future,hopefully….

Anyway cheap lager from Aldi. Nothing to blow your mind, but nice on a hot day to enjoy with some cheap beer

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