Rince Cochon, The “Rinsed Pig"

Rince Cochon, the “Rinsed Pig”

Rince Cochon Lager 


Brewed by Haacht
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Boortmeerbeek, Belgium

Rince Cochon, The “Rinsed Pig"


Rince Cochon was a French lager that was originally brewed by the Annoeullin brewery, then was taken to Belgium and brewed, firstly, by the Huyghe Brewery, but now brewed by the Haacht Brewery in Flanders. The Haacht brewery is an independent family run operation that has stood for over a hundred years.

Two things immediately stand out when passing the brew on the beer aisle. The unusual but rather cool picture of a pig swilling a beer, and the high alcohol content, 8.5%. Rince Cochon roughly translates into “Rinsed Pig”, which I am assuming must mean thirsty pig? I guess after a good few of these you turn into some kind of boozy feral pig (Swino anyone?).

Review: Can of Rince Cochon, 8.5%ABV

Rince Cochon, The “Rinsed Pig"

Rince Cochon

The Blond Beer of Flanders that used to be a French blonde. This is a beer fermented with a high degree of alcohol and its content is manufactured from water , malt and hops.

On pour we get a rather delicious looking beer, the colour was a very nice clear golden yellow colour with a decent sized frothy white head with good lacing. After a long day at work I couldn’t wait to devour this beer!

Rince Cochon, The “Rinsed Pig"

Belgian Strong Pale Ale

A strong smell of lemon, a sweet citrus aroma, some malts, with slight earthy notes. At over 8% the alcohol was very noticeable on the nose.

As expected you get a very strong taste, hits the senses pretty quick

Got an initial creamy taste, sweet, in fact very sweet taste of malts, with an acidic fruity after taste. An interesting balance of flavours and tastes, to give a well rounded drink.

Definitely a strong beer, a slightly creamy feel in the mouth, and overall fairly drinkable, and tasty.

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2 thoughts on “Rince Cochon, the “Rinsed Pig”

  1. carrie

    I had this beer last year on the border of france and belgium at a small bar. I havent been able to find it in stores and googling it has brought dead ends. Any idea on where I can buy it? Thanks.

    1. Rob Nesbit Post author

      Hi Carrie, when I was in Strasbourg it was stocked in all the local supermarkets, and seemed relatively easy to find. For other cities, I dont know, sorry. Good luck!


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