Petrus, the key to heaven!

Petrus, the key to heaven!

Petrus Dubbel Bruin Ale

Brewed by Brouwerij De Brabandere
Style: Belgian Style Dubbel
Harelbeke, Belgium

Petrus, the key to heaven! In 1894 a brewery was set up by one Adolphe De Brabandere, a farmer from the small village of Bavikhove within the Flemish province of West Flanders, in Belgium. It wasn’t until his son, Jozef took over in 1909 that things really started to move on, enlarging the brewery and changing its name from Brabandere to Saint Anthony. With the advent of the First World War things quietened down a bit until Jozef’s son, Albert, took over the reins of the brewery. This period (after both wars) saw a steady growth for the brewery, with sales expanding to include bigger retailers, and the name was also reverted back to the original Brabandere. Two sons, Ignace and Vincent took over in the 70s and changed the name again, this time to the Bavik Brewery.The beers were popular, and were gaining an audience.

With the unimaginable success of the local football team K.S.V. Waregem, who won the Belgian Cup in 1974, and reaching the semi-finals of the Uefa cup in the 85-96 season, the brewery was able to capitalise on the back of this success by releasing beers to coincide with the team’s success. Alas that team is no longer with us having went bankrupt in the early 2001.

Petrus, the key to heaven! In 2013 another generation took over, Albert De Brabandere. Yes another Albert! Albert increased the capacity of the brewery, modernising the plant and, in 2014, once again changing the name back to the original Brabandere! (I have lost count here!)

In these days of cut throat business mergers and hostile takeovers, it’s refreshing to see a family run business, now in its fifth generation of the Brabandere clan, doing so well and remaining one of the largest independent breweries in Belgium. But not only that, the brewery is also winning awards, a regular winner on the World Beer Awards, for all of its wide range of beers and ales. So this family brewery is definitely one to take note of when gawking at all the world beers in your local off license or from a certain German discount supermarket chain  where I got my six pack!

Review: Bottle of Petrus Dubbel Bruin Ale Ale: ABV 6.50%

Petrus, the key to heaven! Petrus Double Brown Ale is a top-fermented dark beer. Brewed with pure spring water and carefully selected hops and malts.

The appearance was of a very dark and deep brown colour with a ruby red tinge, with a lovely creamy white head that sticks around, definitely looks the part, looks great. A very attractive beer! Didn’t notice much lacing, some carbonation.

Petrus, the key to heaven! There was quite a strong metallic smell, very strong,  with very sour cherry notes, malts, and overall very sweet, can definitely smell the alcohol.

Had a pretty strong taste throughout, from start to the end, not much kick in the aftertaste, but having said that it was still very drinkable for me. Sweet tasting, with a lot of sugar, and of malts, cherry, caramel, and plum fruits,

Overall I liked this drink, found it very smooth and easy to drink, nicely balanced,  and will definitely look out for it again in the future.

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