Kühles Blondes, based in Vienna

Kühles Blondes, based in Vienna

Kühles Blondes 


Brewed by Ottakringer Brauerei AG 
Style: Pale Lager
Wien, Austria

The Ottakringer brewery is a large brewery based in the Ottakring District, Vienna,  Austria. 

Founded in 1837 by Heinrich Plank originally under the name the Plank brewery. It wasn’t until the 1850’s when two cousins took over, Ignaz and Jakob Kuffner, that the operation really began to expand . The two built the small plant into a large brewery.  In no time the brewery became successful.

Kühles Blondes, based in ViennaBut bad news arrived in the form of the World War and the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Moriz von Kuffner, Ignaz’s son, was forced to sell his business because of his Jewish background. It was sold for a rather low price of 14 million Austrian schillings (about 36 million Euros at today’s values) to Gustav Harmer, who was also forced out of the business for two years after the war. After the liberation by the Allies, the brewery was temporarily managed by the Russians, before the Harmer family managed to legally prove their purchase. The heirs of Moriz von Kuffner, were also compensated for their loss.

In 1986, the Ottakringer Brewery was listed on the stock exchange, and presently the parent company, Getränkeindustrie Holding AG, owns 70.31% of Ottakringer Brauerei AG. 

Today the brewery is still going strong, and are a major sponsor of the Austrian football team SK Rapid Wien for many years now.

Review: 0.51 cl Can of Kühles Blondes: ABV: 5% 

Kühles Blondes, based in ViennaBought cheap in Aldi. Comes in a striking yellow can, which has some interesting lettering, looks like it could be a fruit drink. 

The appearance is one of a very clear, golden yellow colour, bubbling away with some pretty good carbonation. Produced a nice big frothy head, which did die a bit but overall maintains throughout. Had some very light lacing. Altogether, not a bad looking beer.

The aroma is of a nice light beery smell, getting the yeast. Also getting a faint smell of citrus and malts.

Kühles Blondes, based in ViennaFor the taste I got very nice mouthfuls, of light grains and sweet malts.

Smooth and clean to drink and pleasant enough. Very smooth in fact, I found it very nice and easy to quaff.

But I didn’t find any discernible or interesting tastes though, and couldn’t find the alcohol. 

Clean malts for sure, but no hops noticeable in the taste.

Nice for a session, as they go down well, but very light, low bitterness, and no real bite to it. 

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