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irish stewManaged to grab a short chat with Bojan off Irish Stew

Celtic music: Why? What’s the reason you play Celtic music?

Well it’s a simple answer, why not, we believe we all have the same Celtic roots back in Serbia, actually the Celts were there 1000 years ago
I listened to a lot of Irish music, I grew up with Irish music, I didn’t listen to Serbian music at all. I just heard the Pogues and that was that.

Why did you call the band Irish stew of Sindidiun?

Sindidiun is an old Celtic name for Belgrade, so that’s the reason

What was the first Irish song you tried with Irish stew?

I think it was the most popular traditionals like Whiskey in the Jar, the Irish Rover and stuff like that, then after we did some covers and then we decided to make our own songs and do that

Playing with the Orthodox Celts, did those guys give you much help?

Yeah yeah, of course They were the first band in Serbia playing the Irish music, so they were also a big influence and I’m proud to be member of the Orthodox Celts as well
(on OC front-man Aleksandar) What a great singer and a great person

If I go to Serbia, is there really a deep love for Celtic music, is the connection really that strong, the connection?

Yeah, historically yeah, the Celts were all round Europe they actually founded Belgrade, before the Romans, they set up the city

What’s the ingredients for a good Irish Song?

A good energy, a bit of happiness a bit of sorrow, that’s basically an Irish song, ha ha!

What’s your favourite song that you composed?

The Lady of Tomorrow, from the latest album. When I wrote this song I imagined she was from Ireland!

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Carry on Camping, the unOrthodox Celtic way!

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