Holsten Pilsener Premium. A British classic, from North Germany!

Holsten Pilsener Premium


Brewed by Holsten-Brauerei (Carlsberg)
Style: Pilsener
Hamburg, Germany

When I was a kid Holsten Pils was a big player. I remember the great ads they had on the box, and the London football team Spurs had them as a shirt sponsor on and off for over 10 years.

hi 011Me, just a nipper, wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about, but that’s the power of advertising, making Holsten a major player in the UK lager market.

Not so sure how the beers sell these days, not so well perhaps, but I managed to find a few cans for a review, and I might add these were bought in Germany and not the standard fare you might get back in the UK. Not really tried Holsten before so wasn’t sure what to expect.

The beers are made by the Holsten Brewery (Holsten-Brauerei AG), originating from Hamburg, Northern Germany. Founded in 1879 Holsten have seven breweries in Germany, and also brew in the UK (Northampton). The company was acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2004.

Its biggest-selling product is the premium brand Holsten Pilsener, a 4.8% abv pale lager, first produced in 1953 and sold all around the world

Review: Can of Holsten Pilsener Premium: 4.8% ABV

This typical Northern German beer is brewed according to the strict  purity laws of the Reinheitsgebot of 1516 using only the finest quality, pure, all natural ingredients – hops, barley malt and spring water. Standard issue for German brews.

hi 013The aroma is grainy with a nice hoppy smell , giving a typical pilsner smell, all lovely and sweet.

On pour a large frothy head appeared,  which didn’t hang around. The colour is a clear golden yellow colour. There is some fair lacing. Looks decent enough.

Enjoyed the taste, a nice balanced crispy mouthful of flavours (barley, grain, yeasty) whizzing around, all tasty. The taste is mostly grassy hops with a hint of sweet grain. Lager taste

There was a hoppy bitter aftertaste which was a little strong in the end

Overall it is a very smooth lager, not strong but clean, crisp and very drinkable, definitely a good session beer. I felt it had a lovely feel to it which was soft on the mouth. I liked it, best I had in a long time, nice and refreshing, and one I will return to again in the future.

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