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Hite Beer, Korean Lager

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Hite Beer

Brewed by The Hite Company
Style: Pale Lager
Seoul, South Korea

day 11 015

The top-selling beer in South Korea (beer in Korean is maekju). Brewed & bottled in Korea at HITE Brewery co. ltd. Seoul. Well known as the only Korean beer one can really find in Korean restaurants in the West

day 11 020Hite lager, 4.5% ABV., is a golden coloured beer that is styled on traditional European and American lagers, although it differs significantly from them in taste as it is brewed with rice in addition to barley, which results in a lighter-bodied, slightly sweeter beer that has less of a head than other beers.

Hite Brewery Company Limited is a South Korean brewery company headquartered in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Its main products are beer, rice wine, and mineral water. The company was established as Chosun Breweries way back in 1933. In 2002 its share of the domestic beer market was some 55%, making it the number one beer in South Korea

day 6 059Review: Bottle of Hite Pale Lager 4.5%ABV

Hite lager is a nice, pleasant tasting beer from South Korea, that’s so good with Korean food.

Pours a golden yellow clear colour with a small light head and some lacing.

day 6 073A nice sweet aroma of light malt and grains were found making the smell one of the highlights of this Korean brew. On closer inspection the smell is quite unusual, a strong tinge of a shot, possibly the rice.

it is an extremely easy tasting drink: sweet, clear and crisp. Its smoothness making it go down very well. There was a lingering grain sweetness throughout in the beer that stays nice till the end, no bitterness found in this beer. It tasted of a little rice and pale malt, some grains and a light hop flavour. Very refreshing and clean throughout, I enjoyed this beer.  This beer is pleasant. and perfect for the light beer drinker.  Definitely a top class session beer, perfect for a night out with friends to a restaurant, say perhaps a Korean restaurant! Would work very well with some light food.


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