Swino, the beer swilling pig from Australia

Hell Raiser *6 “Swino”


Swino, the beer swilling pig from Australia

Swino, pig

One of Australia’s more recent anti-hero’s, drinking legend and boozed up fighting machine. I introduce “Swino” the feral pig.
A short life, Swino made international headlines when he went on a drunken rampage after stealing alcohol, downing 18 cans of extra strong beer in no time, starting a fight with an innocent cow and then going on the tear in a campsite in Western Australia.
Not noted for his drinking prowess, Swino lost control of himself, and when the hunger got to him he simply didn’t know what to do, so he trashed the nearby camp site. Then recklessly went for a midnight swim in the middle of the river, before ultimately crumpling unconscious underneath a log.
Unfortunately our great hero died in a tragic traffic accident a few weeks after, hit by a truck while trying to cross the highway. It is not clear if Swino had been drinking at the time.

Just so you don’t think I made it up, here is the ABC news link to this story!


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