Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Hell

Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Hell


Brewed by Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH (Paulaner)
Style: Munich Helles Lager 
Munich, Germany

Hacker-Pschorr is a brewery in Munich, formed in 1972 out of the merger of two breweries, Hacker and Pschorr.

Hacker-PschorrHacker was founded way, way back in 1417, and the Pschorr bit comes from when Joseph Pschorr, in the late 18th century, bought the Hacker brewery from his father-in-law, Peter-Paul Hacker. He subsequently founded a separate brewery called Pschorr, who would have guessed, eh? His two sons, Georg Pschorr and Matthias Pschorr Sr., divided his estate by each taking control of one of the two separate breweries. 

As mentioned, it wasnt until 1972 that the breweries Hacker and Pschorr merged to form Hacker-Pschorr Bräu AG, and in 1993, the brewing plants were merged with those of the Paulaner brewery. Since 1998, the beer is only produced in the plants of the Paulaner brewery. Now that’s what you call a complete takeover! 

Hacker-PschorrIn Munich in 1810, the Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria, decided he wanted the whole of Bavaria to join him in celebrating his wedding. He commissioned a collection of the top Munich brewers, including Josef Pschorr, then the brewmaster of the Hacker-Pschorr brewery, to develop special brews to commemorate this special occasion. Overtime this occasion has evolved into the world city of Munich’s Oktoberfest, which is attended by over six million people each year. By Munich law, only the six breweries within the city limits of Munich are invited to serve their beer at Oktoberfest. Hacker-Pschorr is one of the six and today’s event is held on land donated by Josef Pschorr, further highlighting the special relationship this brewery has with the city. 

Hacker-Pschorr produce up to 16 different beers, some of them are only seasonally available. Hacker-Pschorr Weisse is the most popular of the company’s beers.

Review: 0,33L Flip top Bottle of Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Hell: ABV: 5% vol 

The appearance is one of an amazingly clear beer, Jesus, I have to say it really was an impressive sight! A light crystal clear colour of golden yellow. Got a frothy white head that settled perfectly. 

Looks pretty inciting overall and nice to look at, even if the head dies a little death.

For the aroma I got a fairly faint and light beery yeasty smell, very faint and with some malts on the nose.

Hacker-PschorrOn taste, got some really lovely mouthfuls, a very good start, very refreshing. Beery and lagery but in a nice way, sweet with some fruits and not too off putting.

Very smooth, very drinkable. Very malty.

A little bite to it too, but not strong, small bit of a taste from the hops.

A light lager in flavour and taste. A bit creamy, light tough and easy to drink.

Not awash with flavours. But refreshing and nice to relax with.
Not bad, could have a bit more of a kick to it (lost it in the second bottle)
A bit plain. But good for a session. Not a bad beer. The initial taste, with its great big mouthful, is the highlight for me.

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