Guinness West Indies Porter

Guinness West Indies Porter

Guinness West Indies Porter

Brewed by Guinness Ltd
Style: Porter
Dublin, Ireland

Not wanting to get left behind in the craft beer market, and with the old men in pubs market reducing in size, Guinness have released a pair of craft beers of their own, Guinness Dublin Porter and Guinness West Indies Porter. The brews are “based on” old recipes dating back to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Of course sitting on those formulas for all that time, just like that!

Guinness West Indies PorterGuinness West Indies Porter first appeared in 1801 and, to maintain its freshness on long sea voyages to the Caribbean and afar, it was matured in wooden vats that were sea worthy and made with more hops and higher gravity that guaranteed best quality upon arrival, in the days when preserving the freshness of beers was difficult.

Based on that 1801 export recipe Guinness has reintroduced West Indies Porter, albeit with less hops and a lower strength and a slightly different recipe, onto the craft beer market.

Review: Bottle of Guinness West Indies Porter: ABV: 6%

The bottles come in lovely looking labels, colourful, and nice to look at. Definitely eye catching.

Appearance: The usual Guinness look, dark brown with tan head

Head wasn’t great at all, a bit surprising there, not good at all, dies a death. No lacing to note.

Guinness West Indies PorterHad the usual porter aroma, was strong, smelling of roasted malts, caramel and toffee. Nice

Taste is, if I am honest, not great at all. I found it very tough to drink, very bitter and pretty shite really. Not smooth, and not nice, urgh!

Basically it is toffee and bitter coffee flavoured all over, bittersweet, from start to finish, with not much else.

The ABV is clear, it is strong

Might impress the foreigner who cant get good Guinness, but it aint going to wash with your average Irish Guinness drinker, like myself. Guinness please stop, just stick to what you do best…………….

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