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 Brewed by Schlossbrauerei Friedenfels

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Friedenfelser Pils Leicht Style: Low Alcohol

Friedenfelser Pils Style: Pilsener

Friedenfelser Urtyp Hell Style: Dortmunder/Helles

Friedenfelser Radler Style: Fruit Beer

Friedenfelser Hefe-Weizen (Hell) Style: German Hefeweizen

Friedenfelser Urtyp Alkoholfrei Style: Low Alcohol

Friedenfelser has a brewing tradition for more than 125 years and works in strict adherence to the Bavarian Purity Law of April 23, 1516 where our beers are produced and distributed according to ancient tradition and craft of brewing.

The ingredients of water, hops and malt are sourced locally and are constantly subjected to strict controls.

Friedenfelser produces quality – in many variations. From fruity style Radler beers to the perfect Pils. All beers produced to the highest quality and taste in no small part to the location of the brewery, beside a Natural Park Stone Forest, an area of Germany blessed with the ideal natural resources; beer and stone – wood and cereals – flowers and vegetables – the essentials for top quality beers.


Review: Bottle of Friedenfelser Pils Leicht 2.8%ABV.

day 5 008With Germany bound to do well in my drinking World Cup I decided to try a light Pils to save on the stronger stuff for later on. The last time I drank beer as low as this was from one of the Tesco branded cheap lagers, bought it out of curiosity, needless to say it was rotten. So wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this light Pils. Boy was I wrong, it was delicious and had a great aroma, a very pleasant surprise from a beer with only 2.8% ABV. A lot of taste and smells and little alcohol. Which shows that Friedenfelser made the effort for the light drinker.

day 5 009The appearance is a perfect clear pale yellow body with a smallish white head on top with fair lacing.

For me the smell was pretty good. As soon as the bottle was opened you get hit with a rustic sweet smell of malts and grains. Very enticing.

The taste is sour and sweet with pale malts and some hay, and with a fine bitterness in the end. A quite dry and refreshing beer and, as it a low alcohol Pils, it does a good job. Lots of flavor, easy to drink, with a nice hoppy finish.


Review: Bottle of Friedenfelser Urtyp Hell 4.8%ABV.

day 18 and 19 013Now to try some of Friedenfelser’s “Light Prototype”, as translated by Goggle Translate.

The appearance is of a lovely golden yellow colour, with a good frothy head,  that doesn’t quite last.

Good moderate smells emanate from this beer. The aroma is of malts and grains with notes of grassy hops.

day 18 and 19 008But the best part of this beer is without doubt the taste. The flavours are of a light sweetness, a grainy malt taste and a light hop note. It tasted very nice and smooth with no real strong overpowering flavours, that makes this drink an excellent session beer, and one of the best I have had in along time. I could drink these all day! Recommended.


Review: Bottle of Friedenfelser Hefe-Weizen (Hell) 5.2%ABV.

day 20 001“Hefe” means yeast, “Weizen” means wheat. If I am to be honest I am not a big fan of German style wheat beers. They are not what I am used to, so I wasn’t looking forward to drinking this bottle.  But the experience was one of surprise, as I very much enjoyed the beer, so much so that I quickly cracked open another one! Wheat beers always have a bitter aftertaste that doesn’t generally appeal, but this beer was very smooth, and I had no worries about drinking it. So I guess if this beer appealed to a wheat beer novice like myself then surely it must be doing something right! The beer is naturally brewed according to traditional Bavarian methods, so there is no issue with quality and pureness, and at least 50% of malted wheat is used in the production.

day 20 004On opening the bottle the beer fizzed out, which was a surprise as it wasn’t shaken or touched for a while. This happened with the second bottle, so there must be a huge amount of carbonation going on! When that all settled the colour was of a very clear orange beer with a nice frothy head, that looked very appealing.

The aroma was quite strong with notes of sweet banana, yeast and wheat.

I thought the taste was fantastic, very nice, very easy to drink. It tasted very sweet, and contained flavours of yeast and wheat, with a strong fruity banana aroma, and the aftertaste, was very manageable. Overall it was a good, pure and clear well balanced drink with a nice strong feel to it. I liked it and might start getting used to these German Style Wheat beers if they all taste as good as this one! Recommended.


Review: Bottle of Friedenfelser Pils 5.0%ABV.

23 017 Made with soft water from the nearby natural stone forest park this bottle of Pils is made under the best of Bavarian brewing methods.

The appearance is solid and, truth be known, not much to look at, with a golden yellow colour on pour with a thin white head.

23 030The aroma, on the other hand, is lovely and it smells like a true German style Pils that you can’t wait to start on. The aroma has notes of bread, grain, malt and grass with some citric hop notes. A good smell.

The taste was nice and balanced, a very easy and pleasant drink to quench the thirst. The flavours have a light sweetness and notes of malt, bread, straw, with a hint of citric hops and the bitter finish is moderate.  It’s a very good Pilsener, with a light body and one that I could drink all night. Another top beer from the Friedenfelser collection. Keep them coming boys!


Bottle of Friedenfelser Urtyp Alkoholfrei Style, Non Alcohol:

24 n 25 017I don’t normally drink non alcoholic beer, in fact I never drink non alcoholic beer, I don’t see the point of them, but hell there is always a first time so here goes.

Had the appearance of a pale golden colour with a smallish white head.

The aroma was very strong, smelling of grain, straw and sweet malts, not a bad smell. I found it very appealing on the nose.

The flavour is also very sweet with notes of straw and toasted malt, with heavy carbonation. If non alcoholic drinks are your thing then I guess this beer wouldn’t be a bad drink to have, as it looks and smells like the real deal, and the taste is manageable.


Bottle of Friedenfelser Radler, ABV 2.7%

24 n 25 020Tried Friedenfelser’s Radler, a light fruit drink that is a bit fizzy but lovely on taste.

The appearance is of a light clear yellow colour with a small white head. If honest, it didn’t look very appealing.

The aroma has strong notes of citric lemon, and malts. Again it wasn’t very appealing, kind of smelt like deodorant!

But all that is overridden by the very good sweet flavours within the beer itself. The taste was of strong citrus flavours but also contained some artificial sweetener. Fruity, sweet, smooth, and a good taste. Not a beer taste but a light soft drink taste, but enjoyable all the same.  Recommended if looking for a light beer to quickly quench the thirst. Not bad.

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