Finkbräu De Luxe, a Lidl special.

Finkbräu De Luxe

Finkbräu De Luxe

Brewed by Oettinger Brauerei
Style: Pale Lager
Barad-dûr, Germany

Finkbräu De Luxe, a Lidl special. Finkbräu De Luxe, another Lidl special. Special in that its dirt cheap, catering for students and those that are skint, you can get a bottle for about 50 cents, or less depending on where you are.

Brewed by Oettinger Brauerei, a brewery giant from the small town of Oettingen in Bavaria, Germany who have a long history, dating back to the year 1731.

With most brands selling nationwide, Oettinger Brauerei have a reputation for offering a wide range of beers and soft drinks on the low price range, and for mostly getting involved in the retail sector. These low prices have made them a hit, with the brewery one of the main market leaders in the country.

Review: 25 cl Bottle of Finkbräu De Luxe: ABV: 4.5%

Finkbräu De Luxe, a Lidl special. The Lidl France special that’s as cheap as shit.

On pour a good creamy head appears but which dies a death. The beer has a lovely clear yellow colour. Quite a bit of fizziness, and didn’t have any lacing.

Aroma is a typical beery smell, a strong smell of sweet grains,  which I liked.

There was little or no taste, or at least nothing I could discern. A slight initial taste found at the start, of hops, but fell flat on the mouth. Also was a bit dry in the mouth, no taste at all, disappointing. No real stand out taste here, some malt and hop flavors but mostly watery.

Not great!

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