No Alcohol!

The evils of alcohol and the non believers!

The evils of alcohol and the non believers!

Drinking alcohol is evil!

Drinking alcohol is evil!

Religious freaks that go on about the evils of drinking (and sex, drugs, gambling, and anything else that can be perceived to be “fun”)  give me a right old pain. It is fine if that is what they want to believe in and are perfectly entitled to hold that view but its an ache when they try to enforce that view on anybody else.

Some fanatical Muslim men were tried in British courts recently for trying to enforce Sharia law in East London, stopping homosexuals from holding hands and attacking people drinking outside bars.  Fruit cakes. It just goes to show that they are so bored out of their skull that to see anyone having a good time gets on their nerves. Obviously they cant find any solace in their shitty religion to comfort them. I have walked around that part of London many a time, sometimes pissed as a fart, pity they didn’t bump into me, would have had a good right old laugh at them.

But of course its not just in Islam that drinking is frowned upon, many Christian types also like to have a right old barney about the evils of drink. There is a group called The “Drunken Glory” movement which is on the rise in the USA. They basically get inebriated and high off the Holy Spirit. Check out the link from Vice magazine below. Jesus H Christ that’s mad. No matter how hard they try they still look like a bunch of boring bastards with nothing much to say at all.  I bet a lot of them are missing a good pint.

Another group of people who pish me off are the ex- drinkers who whine about their time in rehab and their ritual of AA meetings. The Betty ford type. They are cultish, and moan and moan. Look you lost the game, you were not able to control your drinking habit, that’s fine not all can, but please don’t keep going on about it, and enough with all the books about your “time in rehab”. No one cares.  A lot of the time I do wonder what they did to get into rehab. I mean you have someone like Daniel Radcliffe (nice guy and all) or Ben Affleck or whoever, some shitball that you know full damn well probably had one or two roughish nights and couldn’t hack it, poor creatures! I mean Jesus its not Keith Moon we are talking about here so spare us the shit.

Anyway rant over. Leave me be to enjoy my drinking in peace


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