Eichhof Lager

Eichhof Lager

Eichhof Lager 


Brewed by Brauerei Eichhof 
Style: Helles Lager 
Luzern, Switzerland

Eichhof Lager The Eichhof brewery is a brewery located in the picturesque city of Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland, and on the go for more than 180 years. The beer is everywhere, appearing all over the small country, you cant go far without seeing its name light up some bar sign or on street hoarding. 

Today the Eichhof brewery produces eleven different beers, using the same old recipes from that were passed down over decades, and apparently the brewery even uses fresh spring water directly from the amazing mountain peaks of Mount Pilatus.

Since 2008, Heineken have taken over the Brewery despite 15,500 people signing a note of protest against the sale, alas another independent brewery bites the dust….

Review: 50 cl Bottle of Eichhof Lager: ABV: 4.8% 

Eichhof Lager On pour we get a very clear, lovely, yellow looking beer, with some nice carbonation, bubbling along, and a nice white head produced. Definitely looks the part, nice colour and a nice head, some lacing apparent. 
Looks good. Nice colour, nice head, some lacing, thumbs up on the appearance. 

Has a nice smell, but faint though, which is a little malty and of sweet grains.

A little bit of lemon piercing through as well.

On the taste, well no taste! Or at least nothing I could find. 

Eichhof Lager It is extremely smooth, of light body and easy to drink, that would be the pure Swiss waters I am sure, but I am not picking up any tastes or flavours at all, nothing that stands out. 

Very smooth, and I guess it would be a good beer to drink in a session,

I do like it however, its like a tonic water, or an extra strength water, with some light, very light malts

Still no taste on the second one, again very smooth,

Overall it is nice enough to drink but no taste. Good beer to down a few, very sessionable and smooth with a crisp clean finish….

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