Efes Pilsen, Turkish delight. The number one Mediterranean beer in the world

Efes Pilsen, Turkish delight

Efes Pilsen (Pilsener)


Brewed by Anadolu Efes
Style:  Pilsener
Istanbul, Turkey

The Efes Group of breweries produce a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages within Turkey and surrounding countries…..Russia and its former territories, central Asia, and in the Middle East, and is popular wherever you see Turkish expats.

Anadolu Efes, the brewery, was founded by the Özilhan and Yazıcı families in 1969, and now is a market leader in Turkey, with over 80% of the market share. With strategic partnerships, with the likes of SABMiller for example, Anadolu Efes has cornered a lot of the market in both Russia and The Ukraine.  As the company exports most of what they produce (Turkey is a Muslim nation after all!),  Anadolu Efes has become one of the largest breweries not just in Europe but also in the world.

Review: Can of Efes Pilsen: ABV: 5% 

The “number one Mediterranean beer in the world” as their slogan says, which is a big ask but lets see….

On pour has a very clear golden yellow colour, looks good, has a nice head, not a bad looking beer at all, light, looks decent

Had a nice beery smell, nice smell of malts and grains, very nice,

Got a lot of fruits on the nose. Nice aroma

The taste was very sweet, lots of malts.
In a weird way it tasted like washing up liquid, but strangely not in a bad way! A starchy kind of taste.
Not bad, but sweet
A smooth beer, very drinkable, light, dont really get the 5%

Some hops present,  a little sour, but not overly bitter,
Really smooth,

Drinkable, goes down well. Overall, ok, but I think I might need to try this one again for another sitting……

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2 thoughts on “Efes Pilsen, Turkish delight

  1. Bruce M. White

    I found several cans of EFES Pilsen “BIRA” in my basement that I brought back from working in Turkey. There is a date shown on the bottom of each can as 12-04-86.
    Is this still drinkable ??

    1. Rob Nesbit Post author

      hi Bruce, 1986? wow thats mad, still drinkable? fuck yeah its alcohol, but i doubt it will taste in any way what it was originally meant to be like, go for it and report back? cheers


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