Drunk Without Alcohol

‘Drunk Without Alcohol’

‘Drunk Without Alcohol’

Drug Seen As Way To Party Without Hangover

Posted: 11/13/2013 6:28 pm EST


Drunk Without Alcohol

all good


This is a fucking stupid idea from a person who probably never drank in their life or did and doesn’t know how to handle themselves drunk

Feck off with this shite!

If you need to mimic and copy an alcohol high without a hangover then just take some fucking pills for fucks sake. No hangover no problem. Ok maybe no sleep for three days as well but whats what. Who came up with this, some geek in a lab?

Having a hangover is part of the package, and if you cant handle that then don’t fucking drink.

“Imagine a substance that could mimic the pleasant effects of drinking without the downside. You could drink yourself silly on the stuff, and then reverse the inebriation with a “sober pill” and drive home safely. Hangover? What hangover?”

I happen to like the hangover phase thank you very much, it means I was in the  wars and I survived. Just, leave, it, alone, please!


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