Das Schwarze

Das Schwarze from Stuttgart

Das Schwarze


Brewed by Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu
Style: Schwarz bier 
Stuttgart, Germany

SchwabenBräu is a brewery based in Stuttgart and owned by Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu GmbH und Co. KG. The company owns the largest brewery in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, a state in the southwest of Germany bordering France and Switzerland, and the location of the Black Forest. 

Das SchwarzeIt was founded in 1878 by Robert Leicht. Leicht was a progressive entrepreneur, open to technical innovations, so much so that the brewery very soon had electric light, an artificial ice cooling machine, a cable car, an atomized bottling plant and much more, and in 1897 was the first German beer to be delivered motorized, with a truck from Gottlieb Daimler. At one stage the company had the largest bottling plant in the world!

In 1996, the competing breweries of Schwaben Bräu and Dinkelacker merged to form Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu AG, then after there was a brief flirtation with brewing giants, InBev, who took over in 2003, but the brewery regained independence again in 2007. Bought back by Wolfgang Dinkelacker, great-grandson of company founder Carl Dinkelacker. 

Schwaben Bräu produces a wide array of beers, from their Pils, a helles and a wheat beer, and the odd seasonal beer for Christmas and local festivals. 

Review: 0,5l black flip top bottle of Das Schwarze: ABV: 4.9% vol 

Das SchwarzeThe ‘Black Forest Dark beer’ coming in a nice enough dark bottle with a fiip top.

On pour looks great, a jet black colour, with a bit of a reddish hue, decent frothy white head which settled down to a thin layer, some lacing. Looks crisp and ready to devour. Not a bad looker.

The aroma is faint, very faint. Slightly beery, malty and grainy and some fruits but not much on the nose. 

Lovely mouthfuls at the start. Get a taste of the toffee.                                                                      Can really get a good feel for the beer, and nice creamy mouthfuls. Initially. 

Das SchwarzeSweet malty taste. Very smooth, but overall not a whole lot of flavours or tastes though.
It is a bit bland, but easy to drink. No kick, no substance to it and a tad bit disappointing.

Second bottle.
Do get the coffee and dark chocolate notes, it is slight though at the front end. smooth, easy to drink, and light but, as I said, it is a little disappointing as all the tastes are only fleeting on the palate. They really need to stick around that little longer!

I can’t taste the alcohol,  and it is a pretty weak beer.                                                                        These black lagers are kind of a waste of time to be honest, no kick, no standout tastes.
I think black beers are the one style I struggle with as I always find them too weak to enjoy and don’t really see the point in them to be honest, but I will keep trying them………………

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