Battle of the crisps, Tayto or King crisps

Battle of the Crisps

Battle of the Crisps

Battle of the crisps, who wins, Tayto or King crisps

King V Tayto

Battle of the crisps, who wins Tayto or King crisps, when you are hungry after a few beers! Crisps, the be all and end all of great bar food! Crunch, ..

Drinking a lot of beer can work up a bit of an appetite, and what better way to handle that than have some crisps. Now there is really only two choices in my opinion – Tayto or King. Pork scratchings are gorgeous but too expensive and bags are way to small for us hungry feckers. And walkers are not bad, but after two handful’s you are finished. That and the terrible Gary Lineker adds gets a no vote there. So Tayto or King, both great crisp brands, but I’d give it, just, to King.

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