Chopfab Draft. Quite popular and always recommended

Chopfab Draft. Quite popular and always recommended

Chopfab Draft

Brewed by Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt
Style: Premium Lager
Winterthur, Switzerland

Chopfab Draft is a very popular beer brewed by Doppelleu in the small Swiss city of Winterthur, not far from Zurich. 

Not too long on the market, the beer can be found all over Switzerland and from what I find from my Swiss friends here it is a beer that is quite popular and always recommended. 

Review: 50cl can of Chopfab Draft: ABV: 4.7% vol 

Chopfab Draft. Quite popular and always recommended Love the all black distinctive can with clear white lettering, stands out. Have read in a Swiss tabloid, that some have complained that it is to similar to the ISIS flag! That and the fact that Chopfab means “Head off”, a reference to downing the beer more than anything else!

On pour get a very clear beer that has a light golden yellow colour, with a small sized head.

Not much carbonation resulting in a head that dies quickly,  all goes very flat.

Not much of a looker. Got a lot in the can, perhaps due to fuck all carbonation.

Chopfab Draft. Quite popular and always recommended Has a real lager smell, also very lemony, crisp and malty.

Nice smell actually, like it, lovely in fact. The yeast and lager smell is refreshing, nice.

On taste, I can feel the alcohol, and it is very sweet but in a nice way. Sweet malts, nice.

It is very drinkable, with a nice creamy back end, not strong to be horrible, light enough to enjoy.

Very easy to drink, very smooth, tasty, get a lot of nice light tastes, creamy, very malty, yeasty, a bit of fruit, all in all a good balance of clean and fresh tastes that go down easy and well.

Very good, smooth and refreshing. Liked it a lot, wonder if it can be got on tap…

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