Boxer Old

Boxer Old

Boxer Old

Brewed by Brasserie du Boxer
Style: Pale Lager 
Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

A Boxer, the experts say, is a lively dog, playful and fun when young but a dog which mellows in its old age. They make great loyal companions in their old age, but they dont tend to live too long. All that romping around as a youngster you see, it all catches up with you in the end. (sure dont i know!). They are a mans dog, masculine, rugged and tough, looks imposing, farts and slobbers a lot. Not much grooming here, requires a strong hand as they can be stubborn little fuckers at times. 

Boxer OldWell if you haven’t guessed by now, the company name and logo were inspired by the faithful pet boxer of brewery founder and first director Mr. A. Hauser, on April the 6th, 1960. The new business was to have the start qualities of honesty, loyalty, independence and resilience, traits that he found in his beloved dog, Aramis.

Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the south west of the country.  The brewery has many different types of beer on offer but most interesting is a Hemp flavoured beer, Boxer Hacienda, popular amongst students no doubt. 

Review: 50cl. Can of Boxer Old: ABV: 5.2% vol 

Boxer OldGot it in a can, could not pass by and had to buy it what with the very eye catching logo of a Boxer dog on the can. Logo really is cool, love it, it really stands out. 

On pour get a nice clear light golden yellow beer, with a nice white frothy head.

Small carbonation. Head maintains, some slight lacing, not a bad looking beer. 

The aroma is faint but a piercing sweet grainy smell nonetheless, and of malts, the yeast and the hops. A typical lager smell.

On taste I get a slight creamy taste. Bit malty. Nice big mouthfuls. Grainy. All that in the initial taste!
Is a very tasty beer, a very smooth drinking beer, I like it. A lot in it to saviour.

Boxer OldA little bit hoppy but not overpowering, nicely balanced and pleasant. 

A lovely beer to saviour, and very refreshing on the taste buds. 

Very malty as well.

Recommended.  A good lager, simple and hits the spot.

I have had it served cool from a bottle at a bar and also found it quite refreshing, so I would definitely recommend this beer as a good lager to enjoy the night.

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