Bilger Stümple celebrates its rebirth

Bilger Stümple

Brewed by Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei
Style: Dortmunder/Helles
Donaueschingen, Germany

After 38 years Bilger Stümple is back on the market. Bilger, which had been taken over by Fürstenberg in 1968, was set in the small German town of Gottmadingen, where the “Stümple” is now set to return. The cult beer is back again, and a historical wrong is righted at last. Many Gottmadingen natives spoke of the “black day” that the Fürstenberg brewery took over Bilger and proceeded to close it down, market economics at its worst.  Some locals of Gottmadingen even went as far as refusing to touch any Fürstenberg brews in protest at their aggressive actions. But Fürstenberg, now at least, are willing to give Bilger another shot at glory and have reissued the “Stümple”, one of the Bilger beers, to introduce to the market, particularly geared towards a young target group, mainly students, from 18 to 29 years. Retro is back.

"Schmeckt auch ohne Durst!", Bilger Stumple

“Schmeckt auch ohne Durst!”, Bilger Stumple

Werner Hohloch, the former master brewer who had developed the Stümple, is now back to team up with Daniel Hague, a young brew master with Fürstenberg, to help develop a new and improved Stümple. The original style and flavours are preserved with a slight modification to cater for modern tastes, and the original classic bottle is kept.

The reason for the relative success of the original beer, founded in 1821, was that people began talking about this small town beer which was tasty and came in a distinct eye catching bottle. The railways bringing these tales far and wide, and that by the mid 20th century Stümple was already a cult beer amongst the German beer drinking public.  Fürstenberg, meanwhile, in the 60’s and 70’s were beginning to show some muscle and started acquiring many smaller breweries to expand its base all over Germany. Unfortunately after buying Bilger they took the decision to stop producing “Stümple”, and that was that until the present reissue. The beer market at the moment craves retro and classic beers so Fürstenberg decided to give Stümple another try, and hopefully it works out for this classic German brew.

Review: Bottle of Bilger Stümple Helles Lager 4.9% ABV

"Schmeckt auch ohne Durst!", Bilger Stumple


Comes in a rather cool looking retro style bottle with an interesting label bearing the words “Schmeckt auch ohne Durst!”, which my rather limited German tells me is “taste also without thirst” or something close!

The aroma is very strong with notes of lemon hops. Quite a strong overall smell

The appearance had a nice golden yellow colour with a decent sized frothy head with good lacing which lasts.

I found the taste was very strong, especially the aftertaste. Bready malt tastes were apparent throughout and the beer does settle down to a nice relaxing drinkable brew.  Not a bad beer, drinkable and I’m sure it will be a hit with the young hipsters out and about round town!

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