Altenmünster Urig Wurzig

Altenmünster Urig Wurzig

Altenmünster Urig Wurzig

Brewed by Altermünster Brewery
Style: Premium Lager
Kempten, Bavaria, Germany

The Altermünster brewery is produced in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. 

The Altenmünster Brewery specialise in recipes rediscovered and with long-forgotten ingredients creating a full-flavored and timeless beer.

Review: 0,5l Bottle of Altenmünster Urig Wurzig: ABV: 4.9% vol

Altenmünster Urig WurzigIn a strap bottle, which looks fairly nice and in a classic style, if a little unusual in that it didn’t have a label on the front, just a small description on the neck of the bottle. 

The appearance is of a nice golden yellow colour, with a white fluffy head that looks well, albeit it does die a bit, Some small carbonation going on. Not bad looking.

The smell is malty, also get a sweet piercing smell of the citrus but its all very pleasant. A nice aroma.

Also get a rustic aroma of grains and hay, an earthy kind of smell.

Got nice big mouthfalls on the initial taste, light tastes, but nothing really standing out.

Altenmünster Urig WurzigVery malty at the back end. Grainy taste as well.

All very smooth, not bitter, and very easy to drink.

But nothing outstanding, a regular enough brew, nothing to get too exited about.

Overall it is a good solid session beer, very smooth, no harsh aftertastes, very crisp.  Good, but nothing special, few flavours. 

A light lager taste. Pretty much a regular lager. I didn’t find the spicy part that many have noted in this beer. 

Nothing special, bit disappointing considering the nice looking bottle and all, but would do if thirsty!

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