Abbaye de Vauclair Rubis

Abbaye de Vauclair Rubis

Abbaye de Vauclair Rubis

Brewed by Les Brasseurs De Gayant (Saint-Omer)
Style: Fruit Beer
Douai, France

Abbaye de Vauclair RubisThe Vauclair Abbey was a Cistercian abbey founded in 1134 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, located in the North Of France. Supported financially by rich families, the abbey quickly prospered and was given several estates and farms, until the French Revolution in 1789, when it was finally demolished and sold as “national property”. Then World War one lead to further damage from artillery fire… where today only ruins remain. What remains of the site is an arboretum of apple and pear trees and a medicinal herb garden. It is not clear if the Brewery is located within distance of the ruins of the Abbey, but, knowing Lidl, it is probably not!

Review: 33cl Bottle of Abbaye de Vauclair Rubis (Ruby): ABV: 5%

Bottle from Lidl, France

On pour looks like pop, is there really alcohol in this? No head to speak of or carbonation, but a nice dark ruby, red colour is present. It is a lovey colour really.

Abbaye de Vauclair RubisOn the nose I got a really lovely smell, a very distinctive sweet red berry like aroma which was quite nice I have to say. Very sweet, very clear and strong fruity aroma and very distinctive. had the wow factor on the nose.

On taste, well it is all a little bit chemical, a bit of a stringent taste.

Can taste the berries, or at least I hope they are berries!

It is ok, bit of an aftertaste, that does just enough to remind you that this is a beer.

Not bad. I like it. It’s fruity, has sweet malts, and it quenches the thirst and has just about enough of a kick to not make it a fruit juice!

Now I know some will put their noses up at this beer, but hell, I liked it, so its a thumbs up from me, and coming from Lidl its shit cheap as well. 
Strong enough too, alcohol does kick in after the 2nd bottle.

Now I wouldn’t know if I’d drink a whole lot of these but its ok. Yeah it is very drinkable. Not to down, but to saviour, one or two on a hot day, and that would be more than enough, surprisingly decent. 

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