Drinking to death. 68 beers 4 bourbons,17 shots of tequila

34 beers, 4 bourbons, 17 shots of tequila?

34 beers, 4 bourbons, 17 shots of tequila?

The Winner gets a trip to the morgue, and a mention on the Darwin Awards

Drinking to death. 68 beers 4 bourbons,17 shots of tequila

Beer, and loads of it

August 1999 Australia, a 33 year old computer technician called Allan is about to go into drinking folklore. In a Sydney Hotel Bar a boozing competition known as “Feral Friday” is about to take place, with a 100-minute time limit for drinking and a sliding point scale ranging from 1 point for beer to 8 points for hard liquor. The stage was set for battle, let the drinking commence. This is Australia and this is what they do down under!

An hour and 40 minutes later, our hero Allan took the prize. He stood and cheered his winning total of 236 shouting out that “winners never quit!”. His alcohol level of was at least 353 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, seven times more than Australia’s legal driving limit of 0.05%. After several journeys to the toilet, Allan was helped back to his workplace to sleep it off. Perhaps he was expecting to do some work later on. Unfortunately he never did manage to come out of that nap.

So what we really want to know is what was his poison?

Well a forensic pharmacologist estimated that after downing 34 beers, four bourbons, and 17 shots of tequila, his blood level should have been 0.41 to 0.43 per cent. But Allen had puked up numerous times after the competition ended, so his actual blood alcohol content was a bit lower when it was measured – after his death. Let just say there was some blood in his alcohol that day!

The hotel was fined the equivalent of about £8000 for not intervening. At least Allan didn’t need much embalming.


Remembering the late great Mel Smith

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